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English Version of Health Qigong Teaching Video is online

Help the World Fight the Epidemic & Practice Health Qigong together at home

                     —— English Version of Health Qigong Teaching Video is online

Under the current epidemic situation, love and care have never left our sight. In order to help everyone fight against the epidemic, Chinese Health Qigong Association and International Health Qigong Federation jointly edited the English version of Health Qigong teaching video. Now it is provided to the vast number of health qigong enthusiasts all over the world. We hope everyone can actively practice it at home with physical protection; at the same time, bring relatives, friends and neighbors to join the practice.

Dear friends, let us better help each other to overcome the difficulties together; share every valuable moment together. After the epidemic, the planet earth, as our dear home, will be a better place with even more peace and love!

To watch the videos, please click the banner as follow on the home page of IHQF website:

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