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My Opinions on the Teaching of Health Qigong (Ⅱ)

V. Emphasize the ready position of Health Qigong. The ready position is designed to regulate the body and mind of the exercisers to let them enter the exercising state. The ready position can regulate the body and the mind, and keep the state in the whole process of exercise, which is the precondition of exercising Health Qigong well. The ready position of Health Qigong should focus on three aspects of mind, qi and body. Firstly, lifting the head top by raising neck naturally; the head and beck must be at the right position, with the chin being slight drawn back, the entire body relaxed and the body right and straight. Secondly, breathing deeply and slowly. As a saying goes, "the body will hinder the circulation of qi." Keeping the body straight and right is also adjusting the breath. The beginner just needs to breath naturally and keep the circulation of qi all the time. Third, calm down, quiet the mind, and keep focus. "Eyes are the pioneer of mind." Keeping focus can be realized only with the calm and quiet mind, and keeping focus also facilitates the calm and quiet mind. If an exerciser are still "absent of mind" at the ready position, he or she cannot focus on the exercise, and the wandering mind and scattered qi are not beneficial for uniting qi to one. Therefore, a good ready position means a good base for exercise of Health Qigong.

VI. Strive to integrate the three regulations, and realize the combination of body and mind and the combination of mind and qi. Three regulations in Health Qigong are body regulation, breath relation and mind regulation. The body regulation actually means the shape of movements. The body and the shape must be integrated, and the movement must be coherent and even. Breath regulation means the cooperation and smoothness of breathing. Mind regulation is the most difficult one. As the saying goes, the scenery is created by mind. "Mind regulation" is the regulation of mind and the creation of scenery. For example, in the ready position of Liu Zi Jue: raising the palms up slowly, then pressing down, moving palms back, withdrawing palms, and resting quietly.  The mind must be concentrated on Laogong acupoint on palms while doing the four movements, imagining your hands moving in water: you can feel the water pressure when raising the palms up, and the water flotage when pressing down, as well as the water resistance when moving back and withdrawing palms. After entering the quietness, imagine that the fresh air of the nature has been filled in Dantian.

VII. Emphasize "rotating at each motion" and regulate the meridian For example, in the first step "Beginning of Heaven's Creation (Qian Yuan Qi Yun)" of Daoyin Yangshenggong Shi Er Fa, thumbs need to put forth strenghth slightly when the arms rotate inwards and two palms prop up to the left and right to widen the rotating range of arms. The routine is beneficial for smoothing the lung meridian to the large intestine meridian, and preventing and curing the respiratory diseases such as cold, bronchitis, etc. The body must be rotated with the waist as the axis, driving the motion of palms.

VIII. The teaching of Health Qigong must pay attention to the detailed explanation. For example, the method requires to strain the feet when lifting the feet, and hook the feet when falling off. The actual purpose is to move the ankle joints, and the "primary acupoint" exactly locates on the ankle joint. Therefore, moving joints regularly in the method can enhance the physiological function of meridians and collaterals to circulate qi and blood and regulate yin and yang, also can improve the pathologic function of resisting diseases and reflecting symptoms, as well as strengthen the preventive and treatment function of inducing reaction and regulating asthenia and sthenia, thereby realizing the effects of maintaining healthy qi, nursing internal organs and building the body.

(By Shi Jiujin)

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