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Quiet Is More than Words(Ⅱ)

Meanwhile, the meditation and be wordless are quite essential for the practice of Health Qigong. It would be the best time to enter the meditation state when achieving the integration of three regulations. At this time, the quiet is mainly showed in the movements of body, the running of breathing and peaceful mind, without language expression. Specifically, it manifests in the following aspect. ⑴ Be quiet and exercise body. The exercisers must emphases on the law of life, regulate the diet and exercise the body, in order to ensure the health of body and prevent diseases. ⑵ Be quiet and regulate breathing. The exercisers must exclude all kinds of distractions in the meditation, to ensure the smooth qi movement. Keeping the sound mental activities can prevent diseases. Especially people working a long time in the noisy environments, they need to cultivate sprit. ⑶ Be quiet and keep tranquility. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the excessive emotions will cause the consumption of essence and spirit. So, keeping happy, optimistic, tranquil, and avoid a variety of adverse mental stimulation, are the ways to regulate the spirit. ⑷ Be quiet and cultivate essence. An important function of Health Qigong is to cultivate essence to nourish the body and spirit, and regulate the nerves, ligaments, muscles and organs of the body, thus achieving the effect of saving energy and physical recovery. ⑸ Be quiet and meditation. The process of entering into the meditation of Health Qigong can objectively relax the mind, eliminate all kinds of outside interference, and purify the brain. So, the meditation can promote the activation of brain, nerves, heart and cells, which is beneficial to relieve fatigue. ⑹Be quiet and understand the words in singing. The words in singing of Health Qigong can nourish the soul. Some exercises are used words in singing to cultivate spirit. Therefore, practice to the fullest according to one’s own preferences and convenience. ⑺ Be quiet and refined. Daoyin methods of Health Qigong can also be used in the daily life. People should learn to counseling and detachment, no matter whatever happens. The easiest way is to put down, do not think about it and take things as they are. ⑻ Be quiet and not lonely. Health Qigong is a kind of mass sport, especially suitable for the elderly to exercise. While participating in the physical activity, the elderly can communicate with others, open the heart and get free from the lonely feeling. ⑼ Be quiet and contentment. He who is contented with his lot will not be humiliated. Being contented with one's lot, one will not be disgraced by others for it. On the contrary, indulging in creature comforts will cause heart overstrain and exhaustion, putting a heavy burden on its own, which will damage spirit and reduce life. ⑽Be quiet and cultivate morality. Ancient physicians and health science experts all emphasized that "It would be better to cultivate morality than preserve one's health". Sun Simiao in the Tang Dynasty said, "The wicked would fail to prolong life even though having the elixir of youth”. As long as pay attention to cultivate morality and being nice, people are naturally in a pleasant and balanced psychological state, and the physical functions are necessarily harmonious, which are undoubtedly beneficial to prolong life.
      In short, the spirit is very critical to human life. Keeping the sound mental activities, how can the diseases generate? It shows the important role of spirit in life activities. Be peaceful and calm contributes to the healthy body and smooth breathing, which is the emphasis of the meditation. The nature of “Meditation Is More than Words” is also in the process of fullness of vitality and mind concentration.
(By Lu Shirong)
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