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“Peak Experience” is the Aesthetic Process of Health Qigong Exercise

In Health Qigong teaching, due to its characteristics, besides demonstrating the exercising techniques, the teacher should also focus on its exercising principles and cultural essence, and help the exerciser to achieve quiescence with various practicing methods. Exercisers with different aesthetic ability and quality shall vary in their interest; and only can those exercisers who persist in for a long-term exercise feel the short but pleasant experience in Health Qigong exercise. This kind of experience, as far as I am concerned, is the “Peak Experience”. It takes Abraham Maslow’s psychological concept as its origin, but has its own characteristics.

  “Quiescence” achieved by “Mind Regulation” is an awakening of the aesthetic consciousness. But if the exerciser wants to improve his aesthetic consciousness and achieve “Peak Experience”, he should keep his “Full Attention” and regulate his spiritual state after the awakening. Thereby he shall “enter the quiet state- the state not with a still mind, but an eternal state in which all the human consciousness are in the harmonious movements”. To be more precisely, there is a lot of information blocks flooded in the exerciser’s consciousness. In quiescence, the information is set free from the bind of the consciousness and the order of the second signal system, so the brain can derive sufficient oxygen. The thinking activity in this stage is more energetic and active than usual with various thoughts keep transforming and coordination and interaction among each other. When all the thoughts are gradually gathered into a harmonious point, the process comes to a sudden end which is presented as soon as it is finished, so the “Peak Experience” is achieved by the exerciser.

In this very moment, the exerciser himself shall become part of the “quietness” and get rid of the barrier of time and space. He shall enter another realm of hearing and seeing. “His body shall become light, sensitive and exciting in the aesthetic state achieved in the enjoyment of his dynamic power”. It is also the moment which shall reveal the educational function of the Health Qigong: “…generally speaking, one uses only part of his intelligence in activity, while the other part is used to bind other similar intelligences. However, in peak experience, there’s no such waste because all the intelligences are involved in the activity. They flow as the river water in a river without sluice.” That’s the reason why when the exerciser is at the moment of peak experience, he feels himself as much smarter.

Therefore, the clearness and pureness felt by the exerciser at the peak experience shall not involved by the external world. This state is beneficial for people in modern society. On the one hand, the strengthening of the exerciser’s inner perception ability shall free his mind from the current trouble and cultivate his confidence to face them; on the other hand, it shall enhance the meaning and value of the life and beauty, so the exerciser can appreciate the life and the world, and achieve a psychology state of “Supreme Happiness”. Thereby, his external appearance and internal mind shall be closely connected, and the aesthetic “Materialization” shall be achieved.

(By Si Hongyu)

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