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Notice on Strengthening the Management of International Health Qigong Events

With the development of the International Health Qigong, various specifications and different levels of Health Qigong events are becoming more and more abundant. To promote the more standardized events of Health Qigong, and protect the reputation of IHQF from loss, the following rules are formulated:

I. The international events of Health Qigong are divided into three categories: A, B, and C.

1. Class A is the event organized by IHQF, including: World Health Qigong Tournament & Exchange, World Health Qigong Scientific Symposium, European Health Qigong Games, European Health Qigong Scientific Symposium, Asian Health Qigong Tournament & Exchange, etc. The Applicant Organizations can apply for the hosting bid according to the "Organization and Bid of IHQF Events" programme. Successful bidders can promote the events in the name of IHQF. As the organizer of the events, IHQF provides guidance and support for these events.

2. Class B is the international event organized by the Member Organization(s) and requires the participation of IHQF in co-organizing or as a support unit. Such events shall be submitted to IHQF in advance, with the application documents clearly describing the responsibility, rights and interests of the participation of IHQF. Once approved, the name of IHQF can be used in the event notification and regulation, as well as in the promotional materials. IHQF will coordinate and provide necessary support the event in accordance with its role.

3. Class C is the event organized by the Member Organization(s), which more than three countries/regions will attend. The event does not require the participation of IHQF, but the event plan should be filed with IHQF. The publicity of the event shall not be carried out in the name of IHQF.

II. All Member Organizations shall organize the events in strict accordance with the above requirements. In case of any violation of the reputation of IHQF, it will be considered in the star member evaluation according to the serious circumstances of the case, and the corresponding penalties shall be imposed according to the Statute.

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