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Korea Sunsool Association

Basic Information

Name of the Organization: Korea Sunsool Association

City and Country: Seoul, Korea

Approved by: Korean Sports Association, Seoul Sports Association, Gyeonggi Do Sports Association Jeju Island Sports Association, Shing City Sports Association, Chung Cheong North Road Sports Association

Date of Establishment: May 28, 2010

Date of Joining IHQF: September, 2012

Leader: HUH Il Woong

Email Address: 3213844@naver.com

Phone Number: 070-8862-7330

Business: Health Qigong, other

Students: 1000 registered students


Name:HUH Il Woong

Date of Birth: Dec. 4th, 1946

Education: Doctor of Science, Hanyang University, Korea

Career: Honorary Professor of Myongji University; President of the Korea Sunsool Association; President of the Korean Health Qigong Association; Member of the Marketing and Legal Affairs Committee, IHQF



03/1960, Begin with martial arts

01/1975, Martial arts instructor in UK

03/1987, Professor of Myongji University, Department of Physical Education

03/1982, President of Aikido Alliance of Korean University

05/1986, Exchange in Tokyo University, Department of Aikido

09/1986, Martial arts Instructor and Professor, Yongin University, Korea

05/1991, President of Korean Aikido Association

02/1992, Doctor of Science, Physical Education, Hanyang University, Korea

08/1994, Student of Professor Zhang Guangde, Beijing Sports University, China

05/1995, President of Korean Qigong Association

08/1999, Received 7 Duan Certificate of Chinese Martial Arts form Chinese Wushu Association

02/2002, Founded the Qigong and Aikido Department in the Social Education institute of Myongji University

02/2004, President of Martial Arts Alliance, Korean University

02/2004, Sports Science Research Award presented by Korean Sports Club

03/2004, Deputy president of Korean Daoist Culture Society

09/2012, Member of Executive Board of International Health Qigong Federation

03/2016, President of Korean Sports Club and Korea Sunsool Association

08/2016, Member of the Marketing and Legal Affairs Committee, IHQF



Qigong for Health

An Instruction to Qigong

Tai Chi Sword


Meridian Gymnastics



Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong, Prof. Zhang Guangde

Tai Chi Health Preservation Stick, Prof. Zhang Guangde,

Experience Sharing

Celebrated the 1st World Health Qigong Day on Aug. 13, 2017.


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