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Health Qigong Shines at the British Football League Championship

On April 17th of 2017, British Health Qigong Association led by our president Madam Faye Yip gave a historic Health Qigong performance for the audience at the British Football League Championship at Derby county. More than 30 Association members danced to the theme song of Unchained Melody sounding throughout the stadium, exhibiting the charm of Health Qigong which has a long history.

It is not only an exciting exchange between Chinese traditional physical exercise and western sports, but also a marvelous showcase of the integration of Chinese and western cultures, and the excellent gene of Chinese culture.

Madam Faye Yip told us that, many members are the full beneficiaries of Health Qigong and Tai Ji, because their chronic disease was cured or alleviated through practicing Health Qigong. They were a little bit nervous at the beginning, but she encouraged them to be confident and try to make this beautiful performance with love and thankfulness. They won the passionate applause from audience in the stadium. It is believed this will make more and more people become interested in Health Qigong and Tai Ji.

This is the third year in a row Madam Faye Yip and British Health Qigong Association are invited to give Health Qigong performances at the British Football League Championship at Derby county.This performance was broadcasted live on Sky TV which is a famous TV station in Britain, receiving praise and warm response from the public.