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The 3rd International Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange

At the upcoming 60th Anniversary of the National Day, during the Shanghai World Expo, The 3rd International Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange was held at Shanghai from 10th August to 19th August 2009. It was the longest, involved most states, contained many activities and had the best international effect among the Qigong event.

There are 28 countries, 54 delegations, 363 people attended the competition. During the two days intense competition, there were 5 rounds 82 groups’ competitions in total. There are 77% from delegations achieved ranking among 30 delegations. 98% achieved ranking among 309 people in the place of Individual Competition.

This conference acts as a platform to match with other five activities: Organized 99 people to attend the International Health Qigong referee training courses, organized 104 people to participate in the Training Seminar of Health Qigong Practices, evaluated Duan examination of 93 practitioners, organized 81 people participated in international academic lectures which attracted delegations from 25 countries and regions, 38 community organizations. There are 49 representatives to attend the International Federation of health Qigong preparatory.

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