2022-9-10 COUNTDOWN
The 4th International Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange

The 4th International Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange was held in Vancouver, Canada from 16th September to 21st. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, British Columbia provincial governor and the mayor of Vancouver send their greetings to the event. There are 25 countries and 44 organizations, 327 people in total attended the competition. Compare with the past events, the participating countries and people marked a great progress.

This conference was held for 6 days and completed 4 activities. On 16th September, it held the International Health Qigong referee training Class, 69 participants received the certificates. From 17th to 18th September, there are 13 delegations won the first prize, 21 delegations won the second prize and 7 delegations won the third prize during the 2 days competitions. There are 30 people won the first prize, 46 people won the second prize and 48 people won the third prize in the individual competition. This session also awarded Outstanding Organization Award to delegations which above 20 people. From 19th to 20th September, 87 people applied the training course which helped them improved their Duan of Qigong. It organized the Health Qigong grade examination in the 21th September, 47 people were promoted into new level.

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