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Review of World Health Qigong Day 2020

Review of World Health Qigong Day 2020:

Review of WHQD 2020

On 12 September, the 4th World Health Qigong Day event was successfully held around the world.
Against the special background of the pandemic, IHQF organized this event by combining online and offline activities for the first time. Mr. Yang Chunbo, President of IHQF, Mr. Chang Jianping, Executive Vice President & Secretary General of IHQF, Mrs. Xin Yi, Executive committee member of IHQF and Vice President and Secretary General of CHQA, Prof. Yang Bailong, chief director of Health Qigong · Baduanjin Research Group and several media reporters attended the opening ceremony. Mr. Chang Jianping and Mrs. Xin Yi delivered a speech respectively on behalf of IHQF and CHQA, congratulating the opening ceremony of this event, wishing the vast number of fans around the world, expressing the aspiration of the global colleagues to develop the Health Qigong cause and benefit the community with a shared future of human health.
The "World Health Qigong Day", initiated by IHQF, is the largest and most extensive demonstration and exchange activity in the field of Health Qigong in the world. The theme of this year's event is "Have you Baduanjined today?" 
The network broadcast room set for the first time continuously reported 24 hours, and the first panoramic display of the global sharing of Health Qigong · Baduanjin grand occasion. Nearly 60 countries/regions participated in or organized the celebration in a variety of forms. Despite different skin colors, nationalities, languages, cultural backgrounds and traditions, many Health Qigong fans still gather together in the "cloud" to celebrate the common festival with the amazing collective Health Qigong · Baduanjin performance.
Through live broadcast, participants and visitors from all over the world received the blessings from leaders of IHQF and member organizations, as well as officials of the local governments where the members were located. They watched the grand events of global Health Qigong activities and felt the charm of Health Qigong.

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