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Regulations for the Administration of IHQF Membership Dues

Regulations for the Administration of IHQF Membership Dues


1. These Regulations are formulated in accordance with the Regulations for IHQF Financial Management, for the purpose of regulating the collection, management and use of membership dues of the International Health Qigong Federation (hereafter referred to as “the Federation”, and ensuring the reasonable and effective use of membership dues.


2. The member organizations are duty-bound to pay membership dues in a timely manner. Membership dues constitute one of the main sources of operational funds of the Federation.


3. The collection, management and use of membership dues should be carried out in accordance with the principles of keeping expenditures within the limits of revenue, abiding by the laws and regulations, and practicing economy.


4. Voluntarily payment by member organizations of more than the standard annual membership due should be encouraged.


5. Each year, Member organizations should pay annual membership dues before June 30. New member organizations should pay the membership dues of the current year within one month after their membership applications are approved. New member organizations which are admitted to membership before June 30 should pay membership dues for the whole year; new member organizations which are admitted to membership after June 30 should pay their half-year membership dues only for the current year. Member organizations should pay membership dues directly to the Federation.


6. The standard membership dues are 300 US dollars per annum.


7. The Head Office of IHQF shall be in charge of the collection and management of the membership dues, and will make out uniform membership dues receipts to the member organizations. Expenses for major activities or major items should be examined and approved by the legal representative of the Federation.


8. A member organization that needs a reduction or waiver of membership dues owing to special circumstances may submit to the Federation an application which will be discussed by the Executive Board before a decision is taken.


9. The Head Office will remind all member organizations that have not paid their membership dues within the time specified. A member organization whose membership fee is overdue for over 3 months shall have part of its rights suspended, including but not limited to suffrage, the right to be elected, the right to vote, the right to apply to host IHQF tournaments and events, and the right to apply to organize Duan exams. A member organization which has not paid membership dues for three consecutive years for no reason shall be regarded as having withdrawn its membership of the Federation of its own volition; its membership dues, funds and donations already paid or made will not be returned.


10. The membership dues should be used in the following areas in accordance with the purposes of the Federation:

a. The membership dues shall be used in the scope of business and for the development of Health Qigong as stipulated in the statutes of the Federation. The membership dues should not be distributed among the member organizations.

b. The membership dues may be used to defray the expenses for meetings of the General Assembly, Executive Bureau, Executive Board and other meetings held in the name of the Federation.

c. The membership dues may be used to defray the expenses for various events and activities organized and all documents and materials published by the Federation.

d. The membership dues may be used to cover the salary, benefit and social security of the full-time staff of the IHQF Head Office as well as the operating costs, travel and the acquisition of necessary equipment of the Head Office.

e. The membership dues may be used to cover the operating costs of internal publications,  and the construction and daily operation of the website of the Federation.

f. The membership dues may be used for other legitimate expenditures.


11. The collection and use of the membership dues shall be managed under the financial account of the Federation, and will be accounted for separately. The financial revenue and expenditure shall be reported annually to the General Assembly or the Executive Board by the Head Office, and shall be reported to the state social organizations administration authorities in China in annual inspection. Financial auditing will also be carried out annually in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations of relevant authorities and the state social organizations administration authorities in China.


12. IHQF’s bank account for receiving membership dues:

Account Name: International Health Qigong Federation

Account Number: 0200008109200136595USD


Bank Name: Beijing Tiyuguan Road Branch, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)


A banking service charge incurred during payment may be deducted from the membership dues.


13These Regulations shall enter into force on the date of promulgation, with the power of interpretation residing with the Head Office of the International Health Qigong Federation.

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