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Health Qigong Accompanying Me

How happy and lucky I am to get to know Health Qigong in my life!

It was a chance. My friend asked me if I want to learn Health Qigong, because the coaches of Chongqing Health Qigong Management Center were teaching Health Qigong in Wulong Gym. I promised to go. I was so excited to tell the news to my 75-years-old father, and then posted my excitement on WeChat.  The next day, we came to the gym early, and saw the coaches form Qigong Management Center. We were amazed at their good state, because they indeed look younger than their peers.  After the simple opening ceremony, we learned four methods of Health Qigong, including "Yi Jin Jing, Wu Qin Xi, Liu Zi Jue and Ba Duan Jin".

I liked Wu Qin Xi, so I learned from the coach earnestly. The coach who taught us Wu Qin Xi is Tong Shimin, the associate professor of Chongqing Technology and Business University, and later I knew she is the backbone of Chongqing who had been selected into the national Health Qigong elite team. How lucky I am! I enjoyed to listen to the class of Ms. Tong. She taught us theories and demonstrated the correct movements of each method to help us better understand the methods of Health Qigong. She would explain the common errors of each method in detail in each training, which made our movements more standard and also enhanced our confidence. Thank you! Ms. Tong! I was impressed by your every movement in the class. I have been a fan of you for three years.

In the days of learning Health Qigong, a college student who was not more than 20 years old also impressed me. He was Hu Fujin, a student of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications. He is a handsome boy. The coach often asked him to demonstrate us the movements in the training class of Health Qigong. Although he was young, he was patient to the "big sisters" who were older than him in the training class. He would explain and demonstrate the movement to them with patience, until they did the correct movements. There was no fecklessness on him, but relaxation and quietness required by Qigong. I often think that it would be very nice if my son like Mr.Hu has a chance to exercise Health Qigong when he is admitted to the university. Mr. Hu participated in the national competition of Health Qigong on behalf of Chongqing the other day, and won the gold medal. Congratulations! Young inheritor of Health Qigong!

In particular, the sisters and brothers (most of them have grandson) in the training class are the elites of counties and districts. Their serious attitude in learning Health Qigong touched me and encouraged me to do every movement right! Once a time when I was doing the movement "Thrusting the Fists and Making the Eyes Glare to Enhance Strength" of Ba Duan Jin, a big sister said my movement "raising the wrist" is not standard, and she told me that I should extend finger after I punched, and the wrist must be rotated obviously and grip with force. How can I muddle through with such serious learners.

I have talked about so much about myself, and now I want to introduce my father who learns "Liu Zi Jue". He is a little deaf, but insists on exercising every day. Sometimes he corrected me that I misspoke "Hu Exercise" as "Chui Exercise". How cute my father is. It doesn't matter even if you misspoke as long as you exercise Health Qigong every day.

I, as a learner of Health Qigong, strive to be a good person engaging in sports. I will also bring Health Qigong to my friends like Ms. Tong and Mr. Hu to let them enjoy health and happiness!

Health Qigong has walked into my world and will accompany me in my whole life.

(By Jin Hong)

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