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Announcement of the List of Candidates for the Executive Board of the 3rd IHQF General Assembly
Since the issuance of the Notice on the Election for Executive Board on the 3rd IHQF General Assembly on January 31, 2021, a total of 22 candidates were recommended by Member Organizations. According to the Election Guidelines of IHQF, the Secretariat examined the candidates' election materials and their application qualifications and confirmed that the following 22 candidates met the application requirements. The list is now published (in alphabetical order of last names):

I. Candidate for President (1):
YANG Chunbo (Chinese Health Qigong Association)

II. Candidate for Executive Vice President and Secretary-General (1):
GUO Hongfeng (Chinese Health Qigong Association)

III. Candidates for Vice President (7):
Feng CHEN (Tai Chi Qigong Association of America)
CHUNG Shun Mei (Argentine Health Qigong Association)
Yuliang FEI (Dutch Health Qigong Association)
Faye YIP (British Health Qigong Association)
HAN Jinsong (Tai Chi Australia)
KE Wen (Les Temps Du Corps)
Ken LOW (Canada International Health Qigong Association)

IV. Candidates for Executive Board Member (13):
Sitan CHEN (Tai Chi Qigong Association of America)
CHEN Xiaoying (Health Qigong Association of Hong Kong, China Ltd)
CHEN Zheng (All Japan Health Qigong Union)
Pierre DE KEUKELAERE (Belgian Health Qigong Federation)
Marcus Vinicius FERNANDES ALVES (Brazilian Wushu Confederation)
Yujiao FEI (Elbe Health-Qigong e.V.)
GAO Lanjie (Chinese Health Qigong Association)
Chao LIU (NPO Qigong Culture Center & Japan Health Qigong International Union)
Herman WANG (Health Qigong Federation UK)
Eranga WEERASINHGHE (Sri Lanka Health Qigong Association)
XU Hao (Italy Health Qigong Association) 
Dhan Kwong, YONG TIT KOW (Health Qigong Association of Mauritius)
YANG Liqin (Association Culturelle et Sportive Euro Chinoise)

If there is any objection, please feedback within 5 working days from now.

Contact person: Wu Zhipeng
Email: headoffice@ihqfo.org

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July 8, 2021
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