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Guide to Participate World Health Qigong Day 2021

1. How to watch World Health Qigong Day live broadcast?

Only with one address: https://ihqfo.org/index.php?p=showzb

Or scan the following QR-code.

You can also watch it on the pages of Global Health Qigong Time, IHQF Official website and WeChat official account, and "Belt and Road" Lecture hall.

2.How to apply e-commemorative certificate?

Participants of the World Health Qigong Day can apply for an e-commemorative certificate after the event.

Two ways:

(1) For IHQF Member Organizations

Member organizations can apply for the commemorative certificate for your members after logging in the organization account through IHQF official website system (upload photo and name).

(2) Other personnel

Upload photo of participating the event and name to apply  through Hi Jason app.


3. How to show your activity to the world without live streaming?

Besides the teams participating in the live broadcast, the teams hosting the event on that day will also have the opportunity to show to the world: please share the short videos and pictures of your activity on IHQF WeChat group or LARK group in time (live or soon after your activity). We will show them to the world shared by each team.


4. What are the highlights of this year event?

(1)Global practice: On September 11, 2021, 19:00 Beijing time, we call on Health Qigong friends around the world to simultaneously practice Health Qigong • Liuzijue. Practice together, whenever and wherever you are.

(2)View the world: we have the opportunity to experience the five continents friends to participate in and show the excellent traditional Chinese health culture -- Health Qigong.

(3)Talking about fighting pandemic: During the live broadcast, experts and friends from five continents will talk about the role of Health Qigong in fighting pandemic.

(4)Listen to the lecture: From 19:30 to 21:00 on September 11, 2021, Beijing time, Mr. Zhang Mingliang, the main founder of Health Qigong• Liuzijue, will give a lecture on this routine.


5. How to participate in this year's World Health Qigong Day?

Everyone can participate in this year's event in one the following ways:

(1) Participate in the celebration activities organized by each team;

(2) at 19:00, participate in the "Global Liuzijue Practice";

(3) at 19:30, listen to Mr. Zhang Mingliang’s Liuzijue lecture;

(4) Enter the studio to watch this Event.

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