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Theses Circular of the 6th World Health Qigong Scientific Symposium
In order to further elucidate and spread the cultivation concept of Health Qigong, and continue to promote the high-quality development of Health Qigong around the world, the International Health Qigong Federation will hold the sixth World Health Qigong Science Symposium in Hachioji City, Tokyo, Japan, in August 2023. This symposium will uphold the successful experience and excellent tradition of the past four sessions, and will invite a wide range of internationally renowned experts, scholars and public figures in Health Qigong for cross-cultural, multi-perspective and open high-level dialogue and exchange. It aims to build an authoritative academic platform for global Health Qigong researchers and practitioners to discuss life wisdom, exchange academic ideas and feel the charm of Chinese culture. In order to show the latest research results of Health Qigong from all over the world and create a strong academic atmosphere for Health Qigong, the theses are hereby to collected. We sincerely invite Health Qigong experts and scholars from all fields to participate and contribute your wisdom. The details are as follows:

I. Theme
The theme of this Symposium is“Sharing Health Qigong, Creating a Better Life”. The Symposium will conduct in-depth and diversified academic exchanges on topical issues relating to the theme, the latest research achievements and development, as well as their application in practice, and will organize series of activities including theme-reports, special-topic reports, expert dialogues and on-site interactions.

II. Suggested theses
1. Research on international communication and exchange of Health Qigong health culture
2. Theoretical and practical research on Health Qigong promoting physical and mental health
3. Research on Health Qigong intervention or prevention of common chronic diseases
4. Research on the life wisdom and cultural connotation of Health Qigong
5. Research on the international development status, trend and countermeasures of Health Qigong
6. Research on Health Qigong to optimize Healthy lifestyle
7. Research on the mechanism and effects on expelling diseases and strengthening body by Health Qigong
8. Research on the path and mode of international spread of Health Qigong prescription
9. Research on the deepening theories and method systems of Health Qigong teaching

III. Submitting requirements 
1. The thesis being of high academic value and non-secret and non-plagiarized from others must be the original and created by the author, never published in any magazines or read at meetings and multiply submitted. The author shall be responsible for the article.
2. Thesis topic may be chosen among the suggested soliciting articles, or yet decided upon the theme.
3. Thesis, abstracts and appendix pages are requested written in Chinese and English languages in Word composition as shown in the Appendix.

IV. Deadline
1. Thesis submitting: May 22, 2023. 
2. Notice of selected thesis: June 15, 2023.
3. Symposium date: August 1, 2023.

V. Thesis submitting and contact
1. Electronic format text to Symposium e-mail: users@ihqfo.org
2. Symposium Organizing Committee: 
Mr. Wu Zhipeng, the International Health Qigong Federation
Tel: 86-10-87187160

VI. Other matters
1. The Symposium Organizing Committee is entitled to modify or edit the theses and recommend them to the institutions such as the collect and store up, index and publication unless the author states otherwise to the Organizing Committee.
2. All theses shall be reviewed and commented by the Symposium academic members and listed in this Symposium thesis volume if selected. The authors of the selected theses can participate in the Symposium at your own expense.
3. The authors of the selected theses will receive the certificate issued by the Organizing committee of the Symposium and the Symposium thesis volume (electronic edition).
4. On the basis of the selected theses, excellent theses will be selected for the symposium report. The symposium report will be conducted in a combination of on-site and online. For the experts who are selected to make the theme reports or special-topic reports, the organizing committee will issue a reward of 300 dollars.

Appendix download: 
Requirements of Symposium theses for the 6th World Health Qigong Scientific Symposium 2023
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