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The First Meeting of the Expert Committee of IHQF was Successfully Held

In the vibrant spring season, the International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF) organized the founding ceremony and the first thematic meeting of the Expert Committee in Beijing on March 30 and 31. President YANG Chunbo made an enthusiastic opening speech, stressed the importance of the establishment of the Expert committee for the development of the IHQF, put forward ardent hopes, and announced the official establishment of the Expert Committee. Executive Vice President and Secretary-General GUO Hongfeng read out the list of first members of the Expert Committee. Subsequently, in a warm atmosphere, the leaders of the Federation issued certificates of appointment to the experts attending the meeting.

The Expert Committee shoulders the functions of providing decision support and advice, providing consultation and evaluation, and promoting the integration of Health Qigong and traditional culture, etc. Before the establishment of other special committees, the Expert Committee acts for some special committees. In accordance with the Statute, the Director and Deputy Director of the Expert Committee were nominated by the Executive Vice President and Secretary-General and approved by the Executive Board. According to the functional needs of the Expert Committee, considering various factors such as professional and influence, and recommended by the director of the Expert Committee, the IHQF determined the first list of 10 counselors and 20 members of the Expert Committee, involving excellent professionals of Health Qigong and traditional Chinese medicine, competition organization, referee management, education, social activities and other related fields inside and outside China.

After the simple founding ceremony, ZHANG Mingliang, director of the Expert Committee, presided over a two-day thematic meeting. After listening to the general work thinking of the Expert Committee and the report on the specific implementation plans of some recent work and projects, the counselors and members expressed their opinions freely. Active exchanges and discussions were conducted on the cultural expression of Health Qigong, what philosophical thinking and international perspective to view Health Qigong, the standardization and levels of Health Qigong training, the integration with medicine and education for Health Qigong, the product thinking of Health Qigong, as well as publicity, scientific research, competition and new technology application, etc. There are both macro thinking and specific proposals and implementation measures. On the basis of suggestions for the development of Health Qigong and the Federation, Director ZHANG Mingliang stressed the working idea of focusing on the big picture and starting from the small, reaffirmed the positioning of the Expert Committee, and carried out the specific deployment and personnel arrangement of the recent work from the aspects of publicity, training, competition activities and research.

The leaders of the Federation participated in the discussion of the thematic meeting. At the end of the meeting, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General GUO Hongfeng fully affirmed the results of the two-day meeting, and put forward the requirements of "Seeking progress in stability, seeking truth and pragmatism, Staying unity and openness, establishing rules and systems" to the Expert Committee, hoping that the work will be steadily promoted step by step and open a new course of the IHQF in the new era.


Annex: List of first members of the Expert Committee (in alphabetical order by surname)
Director: ZHANG Mingliang
Deputy Directors: DAI Jinjang, LI Jinlong, LI Wei, Willi Neumann
Counselors: LIAO Xiaoyi (f), LIU Yafei (f), Tzu RYOICHI, SONG Tianbin, WU Guozhong, XU Feng, YANG Bolong, YU Dinghai, ZHANG Weibo, ZHU Weimo
Members: RafaL BECKER, CHEN Huijuan (f), GUO Guanhua, LI Hongmiao, LI Hongri (f), LI Limin, LI Rensong, LI Yunning (f), LIANG Tianbo, LIU Junrong (f), LIU Suibin, LIU Yinghai, MA Jian, MA Yalin (f), QIU Xiaodong, SU Jiguang, WANG Chunyun (f), WANG Yinghui (f), YUAN Limin, ZHANG Caiqin (f)

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