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The Health Care Mechanism of “Able Men Bending down to a Routine Post”
My article The Health Care Mechanism of “Hibiscus Rising out of Water” was published in the second volume of magazine Health Qigong, which inspired me a lot. Combining my personal practice experience, I would like to talk about the health care mechanism of another routine from the Health Qigong • Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong Shi Er Fa – “Able Men Bending down to a Routine Post”. 
First, massage and relaxation of the heart. Starting the routine of “Able Men Bending down to a Routine Post”, you need to lift your left heel and bend your right knee at the same time while moving center of gravity to the right leg; take a big step of my 3-foot wide to your left with your left leg; land with your tiptoe and keep it ahead; while landing your left foot, move center of gravity back to central, rotate your arms outward and swing two palms up to the level of your shoulders; make fists and pull them back in front of your chest, point your middle fingers at Lao Gong Acupoint, keep your fists under your jaw, slightly slough your chest and close up your elbows, which will press your chest. By sloughing chest and closing up elbows, your heart will be compressed and massaged.  
Second, regulate the function of the heart and lung. In this movement, you need to rotate your arms inward, open your fists and stretch them out, keep the distance between two palms slightly wider than shoulders, crouch to perform the horse stance while being careful to keep your upper body straight and not tooching (tooching will hurt your knees as your center of gravity resting on your knees), relax your Mingmen Acupoint, keep Coccyx Acupoint and Bai Hui Acupoint opposite to each other, touch the ground with five toes. The crouching will stimulate your Three Yin and Three Yang Meridians of Feet; meanwhile, hook your hands and move them backward, slowly move your eyesight to the left, put your thumbs beside your index fingers (connecting Shao Shang acupoint and Shang Yang acupoint), connect three other fingers to the middle fingers (Zhong Chong Acupoint) and touch Lao Gong Acupoint, so that your fingers can stimulate Acupoints like needles do. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Lao Gong Acupoint belongs to Pericardium Meridian, and Zhong Chong Acupoint is the Jing Acupoint of Pericardium Meridian. Pressing Lao Gong Acupoint by using Zhong Chong Acupoint is helpful to clear away the heart-fire and improve cardiac functions, which can alleviate high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. Bending your wrists and hooking your hands can massage source Acupoint Tai Yuan of Lung Meridian, source Acupoint Da Ling of Pericardium Meridian and source Acupoint Shen Men of Cardio Meridian, which is beneficial of strengthening heart and lung functions and alleviating heart-lung diseases. In addition, you need to turn your head and look left when crouching and remember to turn your body slowly at the same time. Turning head can massage your Da Zhui Acupoint (convergent point of Liu Yang Meridian) and Ding Chuan Acupoint, which can open your Yang Meridian in order to improve your immunity, prevent catching a cold and relieve a cough and asthma. Pulling your palms up, opening your chest and stretching your body can regulate San Jiao Acupoint. Inward and outward rotation of your arms can open Hand San Yin and San Yang Meridians.
Three, prevent heart and lung diseases. During the practice of this movement, you need to release hooked hands and rotate them inward, put the back of your hands together and place them in front of your abdomen; straighten your legs and move your hands up to your chest, bend your hands one by one, at last flip your fingers when they reach in front of your face and separate your hands; keep your wrists to the same level of your shoulders, lower your elbows naturally, bend your arms like arcs, making sure your elbows don’t create edges. It stimulates Jing Acupoint of Shao Shang, Shang Yang Acupoint and Zhong Chong Acupoint of Hand San Yin Meridian as well as Guan Chong Acupoint, Shao Chong Acupoint and Shao Ze Acupoint of Hand San Yang Meridian when flipping your fingers, which can prevent and cure diseases of heart and cerebral vessels and respiratory system.
Four, dredge Qi and blood circulation of the whole body. This movement adopts reverse abdominal breathing. It follows the principal of up inhaling and down exhaling, which means the diaphragm is up when inhale and down when exhale, so that your abdomen is concave when inhale and convex when exhale because of the contraction of diaphragm. The heart and lung are above, and the liver, gallbladder, stomach, spleen, large intestine, small intestine, kidney and bladder are in the middle. During the contraction of diaphragm, your chest area and abdominal pressure increase, so that your liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach are massaged. Practice repeatedly can improve the flow of Qi and blood, which means blocked Qi can be relieved. So only deep abdominal breath can enhance internal organs, dredge blood, increase Zhong Qi and strengthen Yuan Qi, which is effective to cure high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.
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