2022-9-10 COUNTDOWN
Message of IHQF Members’Activities Collection

     Founded in September 2012, the International Health Qigong Federation now has 105 member organizations from 54 countries and regions, and the international 

exchanges and cooperation have entered a new stage of development.

     In the first half of 2022, in strict compliance with local pandemic prevention requirements, member organizations conducted nearly 60 Health Qigong activities, which played
a positive role in promoting Health Qigong and using it to strengthen people's health. This SPECIAL PAGE is an activity review column specially created for all member
organizations, to carry out the learning and exchange of Health Qigong activities around the world, and to strengthen the popularization and publicity of Health Qigong. In
the future, we will record the wonderful review of Health Qigong activities every half a year, and call on all members to actively share and improve together.
     Note: Email transmission is a suggested method. Please send high-definition pictures and videos (with brief text descriptions) of your wonderful activities to the Secretariat

via email (users@ihqfo.org) or WeTransfer.

*马来西亚健身气功总会 Malaysia Health Qigong Association

马来西亚健身气功总会于26 日举办“2022年壬寅五行五福迎虎年新春文化活动,圆满展示了健身气功八段锦与六字诀。大家喜乐融融,展现出虎虎生威的喜庆氛围!

The Malaysia Health Qigong Association held the "2022 Renyin Five Elements and Five Blessings to welcome the Year of the Tiger" Chinese New Year cultural activity on February 6, which successfully displayed Health Qigong Baduanjin and Liuzijue. Everyone is happy and harmonious, showing the festive atmosphere.