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Notice On Application To Host The 4th European Health Qigong Games 2020

Notice On

Application To Host The Fourth European Health Qigong Games


In order to build an intercontinental exchange platform of Health Qigong and ensure the steady and sustainable development of Health Qigong in Europe, the International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF) founded the European Health Qigong Games in 2014. The event is the earliest and largest intercontinental Health Qigong competition outside China which is held every two years and has been held three times in Mons(Belgium), Rouen(France) and London(UK) respectively. The Fourth European Health Qigong Games will be held in 2020. Referring to the “Organization And Bid Of IHQF Events”, the requirements of applying to host the Games are outlined as follows:


I. Submission of Application

A member organization that intends to apply for hosting the Fourth European Health Qigong Games is requested to submit a written report to the IHQF one and a half months before the bid presentation. This presentation will take place at the IHQF Executive Board meeting during the 8th World Health Qigong Tournament & Exchange and the 4th World Health Qigong Scientific Symposium in Melbourne, Australia.

The Executive Board meeting is scheduled to be held on August 6, 2019. the applicant member organizations must submit the written application report to the Email address of IHQF Head Office headoffice@ihqfo.org ahead of the deadline of June 21(Friday). Please note that, submissions made after the deadline will be deemed as invalid. So please make sure the application report is well prepared and submitted before the deadline.


The application report shall mainly consist of the following:

1. The vision and general concept of hosting the Games.

It should mainly focus on the significance of hosting this Games and its impact on the development of Health Qigong in the region and in the applying organization, and set forth the slogan for the Games it is applying to host.

2. The date, location and the size of the planned event

3. Degree of support by the government and local people

It should state the views and opinions of the local government authorities and population and specify whether they support the application to host the Games, how and to what extent the support is reflected and whether there is any opposition.

4. Sustainability

It should state the Games’ projected continuing impact on the Member Organization and the local area, and explain the way to sustain the Games’ results and heritage.

5. Source of funding and budget

It should outline the budget to defray the Games’ major expenses and the source(s) of revenue; the proposed rates of admission tickets, transportation and accommodation, and the estimated total revenue. It should also explain how to deal with the deficit or surplus, if any.

6. Games venue(s)

It should cover the geographical position(s) for various activities of the Games, the surrounding environment, the size of the venue(s), affiliated facilities and equipment, the number of chairs, the acoustic and lighting system, etc.

7. Organizations and receptions plan for the event

It should state the plans for activities to be held during the Games and the symposium, and for the reception of officials, visiting guests, contestants and experts.

8. Safety, security and medical services

It should state whether dedicated security personnel and medical staff will be provided for all activities of the Games and the filing of related documents with the local security authorities.

9. Accommodation and Catering

It should state whether the applicant organization is able to give information on hotels with different room rates and conditions. It should provide specific information on rooms, catering, transportation and security in different hotels.

10. Transportation

It should state whether transportation service for arrivals and departures as well as transportation service to and from the hotel and activities venues are guaranteed.

11. Media publicity

It should provide information about the local TV, radio, newspapers and cyber media to be invited to cover the Games and introduce the publicity plan, outlining the proposed timeframe for news release, airing and/or publication.

12. Marketing

It should state the estimated revenue from business sponsorship, advertising, etc. in hosting the Games.

13. Other matters that need explanation


II. Presentation of Application

Before June 6 of 2019, the IHQF will confirm in writing whether the applicant organization is shortlisted and will keep the contents of the application report confidential prior to the presentation of application. Meanwhile, the applicant organization is requested to prepare well for the presentation.

The shortlisted organizations are required to make presentations at the Executive Board meeting in Melbourne, Australia.

1. Order of presentations

The order of presentations shall be determined in advance by a draw of lots by the applicant member organizations, organized by the IHQF Head Office.

2. Contents of presentation

The application report should be presented in line with the sequence of the required elements as outlined in this notice.

3. Method of presentation

The presentation shall be made in PowerPoint format in one of the working languages of the IHQF. At the end of the presentation, the presenter shall answer questions on site.

4. Time limit of presentation

The presentation by each applicant member association shall not exceed 20 minutes.


III. Determination of Hosting Right

The applicant member organization to be awarded the Games’ hosting right shall be determined by voting by Executive Board members participating in an Executive Board meeting. The applicant member organization that receives the highest number of votes is the winner. In the case of a tie, however, a second round of voting shall be conducted for the candidate organizations with the highest votes in the first round. If no winner emerges after the third round, the Executive Board or the Executive Bureau shall discuss and determine the hosting organization.


IV. Signing of Agreement

Within seven (7) working days following the determination of the hosting member organization, its legal person or legally authorized representative of the hosting organization shall sign the Hosting Agreement with the IHQF.


V. Others

IHQF and Chinese Health Qigong Association will extend some support to the hosting member organization as appropriate. For the extra revenue and cost in hosting the Fourth European Health Qigong Games, please refer to the chapter of Organization and Bid of IHQF Events in the Work Manual of IHQF.


International Health Qigong Federation                                            

April 19, 2019

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