Discovery of Health Qigong Instrument Methods in History(Ⅳ)
Wan Yu Xian Shu is said to be written by the physician named Cao Wuji in late Ming and early Qing Dynasties. It is one of the most important and most influential books of ancient Qigong. Many exercises spread so far are mostly based on this book.
Discovery of Health Qigong Instrument Methods in History(Ⅲ)
Wu Qin Xi was created by a famous doctor named Hua Tuo in Han Dynasty. It is an exercise that imitates the movements and expressions of five kinds of animals, including tiger, deer, bear, monkey and bird. The exercise imitating animals appeared early before the Han Dynasty, such as the record in Zhuang Zi that
Discovery of Health Qigong Instrument Methods in History(II)
In the bamboo slips unearthed from the tomb of Han Dynasty located at Zhangjiashan, Jiangling, Hube Province from the end of 1983 to early 1984, there are two medical books, namely Mai Shu (Channel Book) and Yin Shu (Stretch Book). Yin Shu (Stretch Book) is written in text that introduces each single movement about Daoyin in details, and the Daoyin methods for treatment of diseases. In addition, Yin Shu (Stretch Book) also analyzed the causes of human diseases, pointing out that, ”That people get sick must be due to summer-heat dampness, wind coldness, rain exposure, opening and closing of the grain of skin and the texture of the subcutaneous flesh, uncoordinated diet, and failure to response to cold and hot weather”. According to Yin Shu (Stretch Book), we found that in ancient times, it is a common form for people to use or have the aid of instruments for conduction and life nurturing.
The Cultural Connotation of “Qi and Breath Return to the Origin (Qi Xi Gui Yuan)”
The name “Qi and Breath Return to the Origin (Qi Xi Gui Yuan)” has two meanings. One is “to absorb the yin qi and the yang qi into the body”, the other is “to move the tongue in your mouth like a red dragon swimming in the sea to salivate and improve health condition”.
Discovery of Health Qigong Instrument Methods in History(I)
In 1973, some Chinese archaeologists discovered a large number of silk and bamboo in Mawangdui Han tomb number 3 in Changsha, Hunan Province, China, and they were attracted by a set of Daoyin Tu from silk books. According to the discovery of archaeologists,Daoyin Tu was created in early times of West Han Dynasty, which was the earliest fitness chart that had been discovered.
On the Philosophical Foundation of Health Qigong——The modern materialist dialectics basis of Health Qigong
Modern materialist dialectics is the science of the most general laws on the nature, society, sports and the movement and development of human thinking. There are three basic laws of materialist dialectics, namely the law of unity of opposites, the interconversion of quantitative change and qualitative change and the law of negation of negation. The modern materialist dialectics has laid the theoretical foundation for Health Qigong.
On the Philosophical Foundation of Health Qigong——The nature of Health Qigong
What is the nature of Health Qigong? The essence of Health Qigong is the fundamental nature of Health Qigong. Health Qigong is the self-exercise social practice for fitness of human beings.
On the Philosophical Foundation of Health Qigong——the characteristics of Health Qigong
Practice the mind and qi simultaneously is an important feature of Health Qigong, as well as its main difference from the physical exercises.
Spleen Meridian and Health Qigong
Spleen meridian starts at end of hallux toe and its running course direction starts at foot and ends at chest, connects stomach meridian of foot-yangming upward,
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