Thoughts on Yi Jin Jing Exercise
“Liver controls feelings, heart controls spirit, spleen controls thinking, lungs control worry, and kidneys control fear” is advocated by traditional Chinese medicine. The five internal organs of human beings are like rivers, and each river intersects with one another.
My Understanding on Ready Position and Closing Position (Ⅰ)
I find that some exercisers pay less attention to ready position and closing position while exercising Health Qigong. During the ready position, they are still talking when spreading their legs, or falling their feet on the ground like hitting or tamping the ground, and lifting their hands suddenly.
My View on “Vision Contained”
“Vision Contained” refers to the state that the vision of the eyes is held and contained without noticing anything else. “Eye expression held” refers to the slowly withdrawal of the vision after looking at the front, with thought taken back while integrating with vision into one. “Held and contained indicates the balance between eye expression held and thought kept, while “without noticing anything else” means “eye expression held and no blink of eyes occurred, and there are closely related. “Eyes are windows to the soul.” So one’s inner world can be known from his eye expression. The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor·Ling Shu·Da Huo Lun reads that “eye expression is subject to the mind, which in turn is influenced by thought.” Therefore, we say “thought in fact is from eyes.”
Health Qigong Makes Me Relax and Happy
I am 74 years old now, and I will tell you my story with Health Qigong from the very beginning. It was in June 2008. I happened to see that dozens of residents were exercising under the leadership of a tutor. I asked them and knew that they were learning Health Qigong · Wu Qin Xi. I was out of condition at that time, and was searching an exercise mode that suits me, so I participated in them. Over the past two years, I got familiar with the four methods of Health Qigong, and also learned Mawangdui Daoyin Shu and Da Wu. Although it is not long before I exercise Health Qigong, I feel relax and happy every day. Those common diseases that perplexed me are significantly relieved.
How to master “Bear Sway” of Wu Qin Xi(III)
Body Regulation, Breath Regulation, and Mind Regulation are the three basic elements of the Health Qigong exercise.
How to master “Bear Sway” of Wu Qin Xi(II)
1. The lumbar muscles drew the upper body of the thighs, and the legs are lifted in sequence lifting hip and legs, and bending knees. 2. The two feet move forward, the lateral distance is slightly wider than the shoulder, and the entire feet touch the ground firm, so that the vibration sense is transmitted to the hip joint, which reflects the steady and solid state of Bear Action.
How to master “Bear Sway” of Wu Qin Xi(I)
Stand with two legs separated to keep the center of the body weight; lift the left hip, and the left foot is moved away from the ground, and then the left knee is flexed slightly; keep two palms in empty fist to form the
Nurture the Body, Qi and Spirit Together-The Experience in Practicing the Health Qigong•Shi Er Duan Jin(Ⅳ)
Palms fold on the navel, the left palm is bare-handed and the right palm is lightly against the back of left palm, eyes are closed. Stand upright, relax the Baihui point, and exerciser feel a slight sense of moving upward.
Nurture the Body, Qi and Spirit Together- The Experience in Practicing the Health Qigong•Shi Er Duan Jin(Ⅲ)
The hands move back, the chin move upward and the head raise up slowly, inhale and abdomen in and levator ani at the same time, which can stimulate the Ren channel. When the head turn to the right side, exhale evenly and loose the belly and the anus, keep the stretch position of the legs and waist and spinal.
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