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Description of the Evaluation of IHQF Star Members

According to the spirit of the "Regulations for the Evaluation of IHQF Star Members" (Trial Version) reviewed and approved by the Executive Board, the Head Office issued a notice to organize member organizations to carry out self-evaluation in April. A total of 50 members returned their self-evaluation materials.

According to the Regulations, mainly considering the strength of the members (such as the registration qualification, number of registered members, teacher strength, Duan development, teaching and training, etc.) and activity status (such as communication with IHQF and other members, whether there is their own brand activities, the social influence, the enthusiasm of participating in IHQF activities, whether to host IHQF activities, etc.) ,and the payment of membership fees are considered comprehensively, the evaluation results are:

11 five-star members,

24 four-star members,

15 three-star members. (see the annex)

In this evaluation, the unsubmitted organizations do not participate in the star rating, and are considered ordinary members for the time being. The comment has been submitted to the Executive Bureau for initial review, and to the Executive Board for final review.

Annex: Evaluation of IHQF Star Members 

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