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Brief Discussion on the Eyes, Liver and Gall, and the Practice Huang Genzhu
The human body is an organic whole, which is constituted by the internal organs, meridians, five body constituents and seven orifices. The eye is one of the seven orifices, which is called "smart" and "bright door" in the "Huangdi Neijing (The Inner Canon of Huangdi)". Depending on the important functions of eyes, people can inspect all things, discover the minutest detail in everything, and see the shapes and colors. "Yi Zong Jin Jian" said, "The eyes are the orifices dominating the sight." "Ling Shu· Da Huo Lun" said, "The eyes are the essence of internal organs. “The eyes are sensitive, active and lustrous. In the fitness activities, paying attention to Tao Yin and breathing, keeping improving internally and externally and playing the visual function will have important significance.
The relation between the eye and essence is very close. The essence is the origin and material basis of human life and activity, which includes the congenital and acquired essence. Both of which are hidden in the kidneys. Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the kidney is in charge of the water, storing the essences of the internal organs. The prosperity and decline of the essence is related to the birth, growth, illness and death of the human body. The essence distributed in the eyes is called the genuine essence. The genuine essence belongs to yin, which is the concrete manifestation of the kidney yin in the eyes. It is the basic substance constituting the eyes, the material basis of various functional activities of the eyes, as well as the primary power of the light playing the role of nourishing.
The liver opens at the eyes, so the eyes are most closely related to the liver. The meridians of the liver are related to the eyes. Liver meridians of foot-jueyin spread upward, along the throat into the nasopharynx, connecting the eyes and to the top post. In the Traditional Chinese Medicine, the essences of the internal organs are all originated from the liver and gallbladder, in which there are meridians connecting the eyes. "The liver qi is transformed to nourish the eyes." The subtle essences of internal organs all transformed to the eyes through the liver meridians. When practicing Liu Zi Jue of Health Qigong, some exercisers often said that their eyes are brighter than ever before after practicing for a short time. And some even said that they can use the needle after practicing, while they saw things blurred before. It shows that the subtle essences of internal organs all transformed to the eyes through the liver meridians after practicing. Modern research has confirmed that in the twelve meridians, the meridians of the liver are most closely to the eyes. The researchers observed the micro sense communication of the liver meridians of foot-jueyin through acupuncturing the sensitive Dadun acupoint. They found that the sense of energy can be transferred to the eyes, and contact the optic nerve, which has a significant effect on the eyes, indicating that the liver meridian and eyes are closely related by the meridians. In the process of practicing Liu Zi Jue, XU Exercise corresponds to the liver, the foul air of the liver is discharged with the sound of XU, to regulate the function of the liver. Meanwhile, with both eyes widely opening, it also plays the role of nourishing the liver and eyes. The blood and qi of the liver moisten the eyes. Liver stores the blood. The increase or decrease of the blood in the human body is closely related to the function of storing the blood of the liver, which also depends on the coordination of the liver. If the liver qi is smooth, with plentiful liver blood, the qi and blood of the liver can moisten the eyes. Conversely, the eyes are often involved by the pathological changes of the liver. So the patients with clinical liver disease often suffered the jaundice in the eyes. I have seen a patient suffered the early cirrhosis, his eyes were yellow, with abnormal liver function. Western medicine therapy did not work, and then he began to practice the Liu Zi Jue carefully. After six months, the condition has greatly improved. The liver function is normal after eight months. It shows that the liver qi is normal and smooth after practicing, and the disease is treated.
Eyes also widely contact with the meridians. "Ling Shu•Xie Qi Zang Fu Bing Xing" said, "The qi and blood of the twelve meridians, three hundred and sixty-five meridians all run through the face, its essence and yang qi are transformed to the eyes. “In the practice of Health Qigong, paying attention to Tao Yin and breathing, keeping improving internally and externally and playing the visual function are in favor of the meridians, which is also conducive to strengthen the body.
People often say that "treating each other with all sincerity like the gall bladder and liver", which shows that the liver and gallbladder are closely related. The meridians connect the gall bladder and liver, constituting the exterior-interior relationship. "Nan Jing• Si Shi Er Nan" said that the gall bladder located at the lobes of the liver. Therefore, "Ling Shu•Ben Shu" talked about "the liver and gall bladder". The physiological function of the gallbladder: First, the storage and excretion of bile; Second, making the decisions. Bile is the generated from the essence of the liver. Biliary excretion has an important relationship with the liver. Liver can regulate the qi movement through the function of dredging and discharging, so as to smooth the gall bladder Qi and achieve the smooth flow of bile. So, the function of dredging and discharging of the liver can directly control and regulate the secretion and excretion of the bile. If the liver works normally, biliary excretion will be smooth, with normal digestive function. If the liver fails to dredge and discharge, it can lead to unfavorable biliary excretion. The stagnation of bile and the unfavorable gallbladder qi can cause the disease of the liver and gallbladder, and manifest the pathological changes in the aspects of digestion and absorption. So there is a saying that "the liver and gallbladder dominate the function of dredging and discharging together‘. In the practice of Health Qigong, playing the visual function is greatly beneficial to the regulation of the liver and gallbladder.
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