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Instructions for Registration of the 10th World Health Qigong Tournament & Exchange and the 6th World Health Qigong Scientific Symposium
In order to complete the registration of the 10th World Health Qigong Tournament & Exchange and the 6th World Health Qigong Scientific Symposium, the relevant notice is as follows:

I. Registration requirements
1. Registration begins on April 10, 2023 and ends on June 30, 2023 (Tokyo time, subject to the payment time). Registration will not be accepted after the deadline.

2. The hotel booking will be made directly with the hotel through a special website, and there is no need to remit to All Japan Health Qigong Union (except those with special needs). The hotel booking website is expected to open on April 20.

3. For registration information other than hotel booking, please fill in the relevant Excel registration form carefully by the member organizations of the International Health Qigong Federation and other relevant non-member organizations as required.

Notes for filling in the form:
(1) Members and non-members use different forms;
(2) Each team will fill out a form. If one organization has more than one team participating in the event, multiple forms will be completed separately. If the team leader or coach concurrently serves multiple teams, please specify in the "Note" column in the "1.BASIC INFO-1" sheet.
(3) There are 10 sheets in each Excel registration form except the responsibility statement. Please fill them out completely. After you enter a name in the "1.BASIC INFO-1" sheet, the name and ID are automatically associated in subsequent sheets. You do not need to enter the name and ID repeatedly. In the form, only white areas can be filled in and selected. Other color areas cannot be modified.
(4) The "1.BASIC INFO-1" sheet is only for people going to Japan to participate in activities. The personnel who participate in the online routine training only need to fill in the form of "5. ROUTINE TRAINING (online)" sheet. Fees will be calculated automatically based on the application.
(5) Please contact y.lu@hqgjapan.com if you have any questions on the registration form.
4. The registration form shall be printed, signed and stamped, and one copy shall be scanned (or photographed) as the official registration basis (pdf or jpg format). Together with the electronic registration form (Excel format for statistics), the scanned form shall be sent to All Japan Health Qigong Union via E-mail (email: japan@hqgjapan.com; Contact person: Ms. Lu Yao; Contact number: +81 90 7709 1568).

II. Fee Standards
1. Accommodation fee
(1) Class-A hotel:  Twin share: US$120/day/person including tax and breakfast.
Single room: US$136/day/person including tax and breakfast.
(2)Class-B hotel:  Twin share: US$89/day/person including tax and breakfast.
Single room: US$108/day/person including tax and breakfast.

2. Training fee
(1) Health Qigong Training Classes: 
For participants of IHQF member organizations, the offline training fee is US$100/per person/per class, and the online training fee is US$80/per person/per class.
The participants of Non-IHQF member organizations will be charged an additional US$20 on the above standards.
(2) International Referee Training Course: US$200/per person
(3) International Referee Upgrading Evaluation fee: US$100 /person for Grade B International Referee. (only for members of IHQF member organizations)

3. Competition fees
(1) Group competition: US$20/team/event/person for IHQF members.
US$25/team/event/person for non-members.

(2) Individual competition: US$25/team/event/person for IHQF members.
US$30/team/event/person for non-members.

4. Duan Examination fees
Junior Duan: Duan 1/USD40, Duan 2/USD50, Duan 3/USD60;
Intermediate Duan: Duan 4/USD80, Duan 5/USD100, Duan 6/USD120;
Senior Duan: Duan 7/USD200.

5. Farewell Party
       US$60/per person. 

III. Payment information (please see the attachments)

IV. Others
1. The event is in the peak tourist season, the hotel bookings are very tight. Please try to complete the hotel booking before June 20 (the earlier, the better). 
2. After completing the bank transfer, please provide proof of payment to All Japan Health Qigong Union. 
3. If you do not book the hotel through the special hotel booking system, you will not be able to enjoy some services provided by the organizing committee (such as local transportation). 
4. The referee upgrading evaluation fee and Duan examination fee shall be paid together with other fees. Those who do not meet the qualification will be refunded in Japanese Yen at the time of registration in Japan.

5. If you need an invitation letter for visa application, please contact All Japan Health Qigong Union and provide relevant information (email: japan@hqgjapan.com).

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