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Transforming Knowledge to Wisdom in the Exercise of Sitting in Meditation of Health Qigong•Shi Er Duan Jin Si Hongyu Wang Ying
As a modern man, people often need to play multiple roles in society. In the face of various material and spiritual desires and pressure, the interpersonal communications are hard to cope with, being very busy with work, love and marriage bother people too much, and a lot of trivia matters make people deeply troubled. In short, people are often as tight as full bow strings. At this time, how people want to relax the body and massage the mind. If you have no time to the fitness sites, you can practice sitting in meditation of Health Qigong•Shi Er Duan Jin at home. In the practice, the exercisers should not only shape the body, straighten the neck and spine, lead Baihui upward virtually and so on, but also should emphasize the favorable effect on intelligence promotion of the meditation.
Sitting in meditation is a means of access to preserve one's health.
Sitting in meditation is a health fitness method, namely sitting cross-legged, adjusting the breath, with hands on certain positions, and think about nothing. Sitting in meditation is also called "hunker" and "seated meditation". In this regard, Zhu Xi recorded in the "Tiao Xi Zhen (Pranayama Proverbs)", "Sit in meditation, look at the nose, keep mind concentrate on the abdomen and navel for a long time, and then people will feel warm and gradually get the effect", "Look at the white light on the nose leisurely and comfortably everywhere and at any moment. Breathe out slowly after achieving the static state, which appears like the fish spitting the bubbles. Being silent after achieving the dynamic state likes the hibernation of insects. The diffusion, open and close of the nose are fantastic, which can only be understood, but not explained. Who takes charge of it? It is the inaction of the nature. The movements of qi and spirit are all in one, which likes the air in the sky and beyond my imagination. Mind concentration and doing things in the right is the secret of a long longevity." Undoubtedly, "Tiao Xi Zhen (Pranayama Proverbs)" is full of the thoughts of Taoist. Through the way of looking at the nose and focusing on your breath, it can regulate the breath and keep mind concentration, so as to achieve the meditation. "Seated meditation" has two functions. First, it can calm the mind, which is the entry work to learn and practice Health Qigong•Shi Er Duan Jin. Why? Zhu Xi has said, "The entry work of the practice must be seated meditation, which can calm the mind. Although the exercisers may be distracted inevitably, there will be a settled place when the minds are concentrated." He believed that only through the ways of meditation and mind concentration, can all truths of everything be explored. So, sitting in meditation first aims to achieve the static state, and then the exercisers can explore its fitness theories in the practice of specific methods of Health Qigong•Shi Er Duan Jin. Second, it is beneficial to the health of body and mind. Zhu Xi said, "I have sat in meditation in the spare time to keep mind concentration, which is effective." He also said, "I have suddenly felt exhausted this year and I was often sicken. The medication has not worked. So I have tried to sit in meditation one or two days instead of reading, and then I feel a little better. "It can be seen that after the middle age, the physical condition of Zhu Xi was not very good and easy to be fatigue, as well as being sicken frequently, especially the sharp vision loss. He often kept mind concentration through the meditation method, which was more effective than the medication. The famous writer Su Dongpo in the Northern Song Dynasty has also evaluated, "The method is very simple, the long-term unremitting practice will get good results. After practicing twenty days, it has made a difference in my spirit. I have felt the warmth below the navel, the waist and feet are relaxed, and the face is bright."
Sitting in meditation is an effective way of transforming knowledge to wisdom.
By referring to the "Grand Chinese Dictionary", "Kangxi Dictionary", "The Practical Dictionary of Oracles from Yin Dynasty Ruins", "The Common Use Dictionary of Bronze Inscription" and other books, it can be seen that the shape of the prevailing modern Chinese character "knowledge" and "wisdom" were written the same in the Oracle and Bronze Inscription, verifying the point of view, namely "getting knowledge and transforming to wisdom". Hereto, Ma Ruseng said, "The Chinese character ‘knowledge’ and ‘wisdom’ have shared the same sound and meaning in the ancient prose, thus the knowledge and wisdom can be trained and perceived".
With sitting in meditation, the encephalograms of exercisers are clear and orderly, the cerebral cortex are in the protective inhibition state, while the cortex and subcortical nerves function harmoniously and keep the stable and rhythm of the brain, namely the command system of the whole body, thus you would feel the unprecedented harmony between the body and inner spirit, and a kind of unspeakable joy is produced, and then it will promote the process of transforming "knowledge" to "wisdom". Because the activity of the occipital lobe has weakened, while the activity of the frontal lobe has increased, and the frontal lobe is associated with the intellectual activity of human. At this time, the pleasures manifested in the meditation have a considerable positive sense for the people living in the modern busy life, which can promote clear and distinct thinking, and help to improve the learning motivation and the practice efficiency, as well as relieve some stress-related diseases, such as neurasthenia, hypertension, migraine and arrhythmia. So, it will further enhance the motivation of the exercisers to learn and practice, and they will consciously practice other exercises of Health Qigong•Shi Er Duan Jin. In the learning and practice of "seated meditation", the exercisers make the Qi of the body run through the meridians and impact the stagnation of the body, that is, a variety of senses are produced from the nerve endings. As the saying goes, "Pain onsets when obstructed and goes when passable". The balance of Qi movement will be achieved finally. Further, after a period of unremitting practice, the exercisers will be pleasant and surprised to find that their nerves are no longer fragile, the minds become fresher, the mental states become more peaceful, and they are more calm and intelligent in the work.
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