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Overall Improvement Effect of Health Qigong on Human Body
When it comes to body building, health preservation and health care nowadays, many people hope that they can solve the problem of health easily without consuming much time, in a comfortable and efficient manner. They even expect to resort to certain external power to achieve the purpose of body building rapidly, so that they will have more time and energy to do the things which they believe are more important. No matter this concept is correct or not, it is the fact that we must face during the promotion of Health Qigong.
Health Qigong is a kind of real exercise. It is a body-building activity that requires in-person participation. Moreover, one needs to actively apply his consciousness inwardly, try to concentrate and combine body and mind as much as possible during the exercise process. Better effect can be achieved by persisting in this way for long time. However, people in modern society tend to become impetuous. They are more preoccupied with short-term profits. This is especially true with social elites. They are busy with career, work and family all day long. Their time and energy is quite limited. Meanwhile, their personality orientations also differ in a thousand ways. Therefore, when it is time for them to choose certain body-building method, apart from interest, the first thing they shall consider is “input-output ratio”, i.e., whether the body-building activity is worthy of putting in time and energy. At this occasion, they shall fully understand the value of Health Qigong in itself, i.e., what benefits on earth can it bring about to them. They may put in time, energy and intention to do it after its benefits are approved by them through their evaluation.
Therefore, we need to understand Health Qigong thoroughly and highlight its value during the promotion and publicity of Health Qigong. We need to recognize the differences and similarities between Health Qigong and other body-building methods to stress the advantages of Health Qigong. This thesis tries to discuss the overall improvement effect of Health Qigong on human body, with a view of helping readers to understand Health Qigong as a kind of exercise.
The effect of applying consciousness inwardly
The key that distinguishes Health Qigong from other exercises lies in that Qigong applies consciousness actively and inwardly to strengthen the capability of mastering body and promote high unity between body and mind. That is to say, “introversive intuition” is the largest core characteristics of Health Qigong. This characteristic makes it Health Qigong. Without it, it is no longer Health Qigong. Then, what does it mean if this characteristic is provided? What are the realistic value and significance for those practicers of Health Qigong? In our opinion, the reason why Health Qigong holds unique significance of improving life activities comprehensively rightly lies in such characteristic. It is tentatively analyzed as follows:
Before analyzing, first of all, let us see what is applying consciousness inwardly (i.e. “introversive intuition”)?
“Applying consciousness inwardly” has two meanings: The first meaning refers to that, the activities of consciousness of ordinary people are usually considering things beyond the scope of their own life activities, they are outwards; the activities of consciousness of Qigong practicers is combining the activities of consciousness and their own life activities together, they are inwards.  The second meaning refers to that, the activities of consciousness of ordinary people “expands” outwards, proceeding from one point to another, from one point to several points. The activities of consciousness of Qigong practicers are contracting inwardly into single content, from several points to one thing, thinking only one thing. Applying consciousness inwardly runs through the whole process of Qigong exercise, the unique charm of Health Qigong shines beautifully from this. Two major direct functions of applying consciousness inwardly are namely:
The first function is reducing consumption. The largest consumption of people’s essence and qi comes from two aspects, namely: the first aspect is attention to the outside world. People are attracted by various temptations in the outside world, they cannot voluntarily control themselves, they are even not aware of it by themselves. During this process, their vitality is stealthily consumed. For example: when visiting an exhibition, people are “preoccupied” with the outside world for long time, though the amount of exercise for the body is small. As a result, people are prone to get tired. The second aspect is internal contradiction, which includes ideological struggle, mood fluctuation, etc. For example: excessive apprehension can make people’s black hair become white rapidly. Applying consciousness inwardly goes along the direction opposite to the two major consumption methods. In this way, the consumption of essence and qi is avoided to the maximum and the strength of life is preserved.
The second function is supplementing essence and qi. The practice of Qigong exercise proves that “qi will recover automatically when mind is restored in body”. The activities of consciousness agglomerates inwardly, it will definitely “attract” qi to contract inwardly. Thus, the genuine qi inside body will become adequate. When essence and qi is adequate, body and mind is sure to benefit a lot from this. The human will naturally become healthy, energetic and in a pleasant mood.
Based on the two functions above, it is no wonder that Health Qigong has such function of strengthening the body, eliminating diseases and maintaining good health.  
Health Qigong can strengthen physical and mental health comprehensively
Health Qigong is an exercise process of bidirectional adjustment. Although the direct objective of Health Qigong is not treating diseases, it is proved that many diseases are improved during the process of Health Qigong exercise and the function of bidirectional adjustment is also reflected. For example: no matter they are patients with hypertension or hypotension, their blood pressure tends to become normal after Health Qigong exercise. Meanwhile, people with some latent diseases or diseases that are usually neglected can also be rehabilitated to different extent during Health Qigong exercise. The main reason of this lies in that what is strengthened through the exercise of applying consciousness inwardly is self-adjustment function of people which is innate for human beings and whose existence holds important significance in promoting human beings to maintain normal life activities. Once such function is strengthened, the life activities of human beings will naturally tend to become normal.
Health Qigong is an exercise process that lays equal stress on body and mind. The reason for saying this way mainly lies in two aspects: the first aspect is stressing active course, exercising body and mind at the same time. The second aspect is focusing on mental health.  
Health Qigong exercise is realized by adopting the main exercise mode of active course. Active course has several advantages: firstly, it strengthens universality and safety of Health Qigong. Thus, everyone can practice it. Secondly, it makes it much easier for participants to concentrate. In this way, the effect of Health Qigong exercise is guaranteed. Thirdly, it makes the social abuses of widespread rarity of physical exercise effectively get corrected and improves public health in a down-to-earth manner. Fourthly, it can, at the same time, strengthen the normal function of consciousness and body as well as the capability of controlling body with consciousness, so as to overcome the previous drawbacks of advocating meditation, focusing on disposition and neglecting body and make Health Qigong adapt to times characteristics and realistic needs of the general public. Unlike general physical exercises (for they are simple body movements), the active course of Health Qigong practices the stability and penetrability of activities of consciousness through external form of body movements to promote unity between physique and mentality and harmony between body and mind.
Besides, there is another sharp difference between Health Qigong and other body-building methods: more stresses on the importance of moral cultivation. This is not only the requirements of social and moral norms, but also the objective realistic needs during the process of Health Qigong exercise. The control capability of consciousness over life activities can be greatly strengthened via Health Qigong exercise. If people pay no attention to moral cultivation and use negative and pessimistic consciousness to guide life activities, not only the effect of the exercise will be affected, but also the speed and strength that life activities develop towards abnormal direction will also become greater than that of normal people. This is the reason why moral construction becomes the realistic needs of Health Qigong practicers and a kind of voluntary requirement. Therefore, the promotion and publicity of Health Qigong facilitates the construction of harmonious society.
Health Qigong is a safe and scientific method for health preservation
Health Qigong is a safe and scientific method for health preservation. The exercise process of Health Qigong is a process in which different life functions inherent in human body are comprehensively improved and strengthened without employing any external power in realizing this purpose. This, on the one hand, avoids function regression and physical and mental injury that is probably caused by the intervention of external power on body function (For example: the dependence on health products, side effect of drugs, etc.); on the other hand, it avoids the injuries caused by errors and faults occurring during the application of external power. In real life, with such two “avoidance”, we are already very lucky for our lives.
When it comes to Health Qigong, we have to face the problem that influence people’s attitude toward Health Qigong for a long time, i.e., occurrence of deviation. Someone says, they are afraid that deviation will occur after practicing Health Qigong, though Health Qigong is good in itself. In fact, this is a major misunderstanding about Qigong exercise. As a matter of fact, modern people are exposed to occurrence of deviation mainly via three ways: firstly, rendering description of literature, movies and television works; secondly, individual deviation of voluntary active course in the past; thirdly, misinterpretation and improper handling of improvement process of human body after practicing Qigong. In fact, Health Qigong has already effectively avoided deviation from the aspect of method selection and arrangement. This is mainly reflected in the following aspects: firstly, Health Qigong is an active course. The active course requires that activities of consciousness be lucid and self-controlled, mind be combined with body; body movements, in turn, make qi and blood circuit and circulate more smoothly. Thus, deviation is not likely to occur in itself. Secondly, Health Qigong does not take adequate essence and qi as the precondition for exercise. The reason that the circulation of essence and qi is out of control during Qigong exercise in the past time lies in that traditional method is firstly cultivating the essence and qi and then conducting qi to circulate. In case a practicer misunderstands the methods or his mental state is not stable, deviation is likely to occur. While Health Qigong gradually strengthens body functions mainly by adopting such methods as conducting qi with mind, conducting qi with body and conducting qi with sound. Therefore, it effectively overcomes many drawbacks of traditional methods and makes exercise process much safer and more efficient. Thirdly, Health Qigong aims at strengthening body and mind. The reason why deviation occurs in the past time is that people practice Qigong because they want to become immortals to a great extent. Health Qigong is a scientific Qigong formulated to improve people’s physical and mental health. It discards the drawbacks of traditional Qigong and inherits its merits. The unscientific and unhealthy exercise systems in the past can, by no means, be compared with today’s Health Qigong.
Health Qigong is an automatic and efficient activity for life improvement
In real life, it is quite often that some people do harm to themselves while exercising in an improper way. The improvement of life by Health Qigong is automatic, natural and efficient. No body-building method can work such miracle like Health Qigong in terms of making life activities improve in a automatic, natural and most appropriate way according to its own law.
Health Qigong conducts life activities with healthy consciousness. The life activities of human are dominated by consciousness. Medical research proves that occurrence of most of the diseases is related with the state of consciousness (especially the bad mood) of human beings. The activities of consciousness in Health Qigong exercise are healthy and positive. This is sure to conduct the life activities to develop towards healthy state.
Health Qigong shows strong unity during the improvement process on human body. The process of Health Qigong exercise is the process of strengthening life function of human body. Although some movements are mainly targeted at some functions of human body in terms of exercise management, human is a life body with very strong unity as we all know. Different internal functions work together. Therefore, the effect of Health Qigong also shows very strong unity. When a certain function is strengthened, the body will adjust and balance by itself. As a result, the functions of the other parts of the human body are benefited. Such adjustment is realized completely voluntary, in complete accordance with the law of life activities, and in a most efficient way.
The exercise process of Health Qigong strengthens and improves normal life function of human body. As we all know, human body is a complicated super-giant system and people’s knowledge on themselves is also quite limited. Facing such a system, the intervention of any external power is somewhat blind. Only through such way like Health Qigong, can the life activities dominate the improvement process and realize the safest, most efficient and natural life improvement.
Health Qigong is a body-building exercise that can be accumulated and life-oriented
The body-building effect of Health Qigong can be continued and accumulated in the whole life of one person. Meanwhile, the exercise content of Health Qigong can also be life-oriented. General body-building exercises are also incomparable with Health Qigong in this aspect.
Most of common body-building activities take strength, speed, skill and harmony as the basic precondition and exercise purpose, for instance: different ball games, etc. It is quite difficult for such body-building activities to continue in the whole life cycle. Skills can be acquired and improved through repeated practice, but body-building effect is hard to be accumulated. We can see in daily life that young people love doing exercises. However, as they grow older, the healthy level of both body and mind for them is no better than normal people. The core content of Health Qigong exercise is the activity that applies consciousness inwardly. Such activity is free from the limitations of time, place, equipment, etc. The longer the exercise is, the greater the influence on life activities will be and the better the healthy status will become, compared with normal people.
General body-building activities require that participants have good limbs and normal exercise ability, for example: running. When a person has four good limbs and is not confined in terms of movements, he is able to run. However, when his movement is confined due to clumsy limbs, he can no longer participate in running, the experience accumulated from running in previous time also ends accordingly. Health Qigong is different. No matter the body goes through whatever changes, the activity of Health Qigong can be continued all the same, because the core of Health Qigong exercise is the activity of applying consciousness inwardly. Therefore, if only the consciousness is lucid, the activity of Health Qigong will continue. This means, the experience accumulated in previous time can continue in the life cycle.
Besides, it is difficult for general body-building methods to become life-oriented. Health Qigong can adapt into life conveniently. This is mainly reflected in three aspects: firstly, body requirements of the exercise can be life-oriented; secondly, activities of consciousness of the exercise can be life-oriented; thirdly, the state of the exercise can be life-oriented. For example: the exercise requires guiding the hundred convergence point upwards, we can maintain the posture of guiding the hundred convergence point upwards in daily life; the exercise requires combining mind and body, we need to keep combining mind and body in exercising every initiative in daily life; the exercise requires keeping a pleasant mood and not being disturbed by the outside, in daily life we can often keep a pleasant mood and avoid being disturbed by the outside. This life-oriented process in itself is a very good body-building exercise.
Health Qigong nurtures profound oriental culture
Health Qigong is not only a kind of body-building activity, but also has profound internal relationship with the development of oriental culture. On the one hand, ancient books and records include the contents concerning Qigong exercise; on the other hand, the thinking and practice of “introversive intuition” is the important internal basis for the generation and development of traditional culture. The exercise of Health Qigong can not only strengthen body and mind, eliminate diseases and maintain good health, but also help people better understand traditional Chinese culture, better inherit and carry forward the outstanding and advanced part of traditional culture, so as to voluntarily enhance their own cultural cultivation. This topic is worthy of discussion among experts and scholars.
In a word, Health Qigong is a kind of unique and excellent body-building activity. During the promotion and publicity, only by grasping the characteristics and advantages of Health Qigong and stressing, highlighting and clearly describing them, can the general public fully and correctly recognize Health Qigong and make objective and rational judgment when choosing body-building exercise. This is the foundation for healthy and long-term development of body-building activity. The practice of simply affiliating Health Qigong to TCM system is inadvisable during the promotion. The system of principles and methods of Health Qigong is the foundation for its existence and development, though there are much relationships and similarities between Health Qigong and TCM system.
The primitive driving force for the popularization and development of Health Qigong comes from the remarkable effect of strengthening body and mind. While the ultimate target of the popularization and development of Health Qigong is to help people establish the self-preservation system. Only if we persist in raising high the banner of scientific development and complying with the arrangement principle of being lucid, reasonable, easy to learn, safe and efficient, will Health Qigong definitely generate huge development potential and become the body-building activity which the general public will take an active part in and benefit much from.
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