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Life Prolonged by Ten Years with Sinews Extended by One Inch
Why Should People Practice Sinews
The character “Jin” has a “Zhu” in upper part and an ancient “Rou” and “Li” in lower part, which suggests the sinews and collaterals, like fibers, connect bones, skins and muscle together and thus, human are endowed with strength. “Jin”, in a broad sense, refers to all the soft tissues except bones and joints of human body, including tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves, blood vessels, etc. Sinews are to human body what collaterals are to a leaf, they have such functions as nutrition, transportation and support.
As a popular saying goes, “It is better for one to practice the sinews rather than to practice muscles”. The conduction exercises originated in ancient China placed stress on extending sinews and stretching bones and it is characterized by “leading qi to make it tranquil and stretching the body to make it flexible”. Modern sports in the Western focus on muscle exercises and aim at developing physique and strengthen muscles.
Practicing sinews, like maintaining veins, can strengthen the supply of nutrition for tissues all over the body and allow people to remain young. With thick muscles and brittle sinews, human body is more likely to get injured. The part that athletes are more likely to get injured is the Achilles tendon behind ankle. The injury in some basketball and short race athletes you have witnessed all occur in this part. The cause of this phenomenon lies in that muscle strength is too intense for the sinews to bear. Thus, laceration or rupture occurs.
We call “practicing sinews” “flexibility exercise” at present. Strength, speed, endurance and flexibility are four major indicators of fitness test. Interestingly, an investigation shows, 80% of females believe flexibility is the most important for them, because the soft and light body make them feel that they are younger and more confident. In the meanwhile, around 70% of males hold that the soft bodies of females are a kind of strong stimulation to them, because soft body nurtures the appeal of passion and tenderness, docility and gentle beauty as is the property assumed by water.
Decrease in body flexibility is provided with another name in medicine, “contracted sinews”, i.e., the stretching scope of sinews is shortened. “Contracted sinews” make the scope of movement of joints contract, the rotation is restricted, bending becomes difficult, lifting legs and bending the knees is not as easy as before. When people are young, they feel their bodies are like rubber band, soft and flexible. When they come to a certain age, they feel themselves are like ropes, hard and rigid. “Contracted sinews” is often accompanied by fibrosis, adhesion, etc. It is commonly called “sinews knot”. This “sinews knot” will compress the nerves and blood vessels, which results in cardiac insufficiency and malnutrition of sinews and channels. Hence, a series of diseases such as pain, numbness, etc. appear.
An old saying goes like this, “Life will be prolonged by ten years if sinews are extended by one inch”. It conveys that flexibility degree decides the ageing degree of people. The softer the sinews are, the vigorous the vitality will be. You can observe the children: They have their feet at the height of their shoulders just by lifting their legs lightly. They are soft and flexible over all the body, their qi and blood are circulated smoothly. Like fresh willow branches with tender buds in early spring, they are filled with the spirit of vitality all over their bodies. Soft and flexible sinews not only nourish the bones but also supplement internal organs and promote longevity.
Explanations on the Phenomenon of Blue Veins
Changes in sinews also reflect the health status of the body. Sometimes, we notice obvious blue vein on body surface. These blue veins are actually the vein vascular of human body. Under normal circumstances, blood flows back to the heart through the reflow of venous blood. However, in case a certain system of the body breaks down, various physiological wastes accumulated in human body cannot be discharged and the reflow of venous blood is blocked. Thus, varicosity occurs on body surface. The varicosity in different parts give hints to different symptoms, especially for the reflecting area concentrated parts such as hand, face, abdomen, etc., the manifestation will be more obvious.
Blue veins on hands. The reflecting area on hands is like an inverted person. The blue veins on the back of hands suggest there is stagnation in the waist. People with this manifestation is likely to have such symptoms as ache and pain in the waist and back, lacking strength in the waist, injury of lumbar muscles, etc. Blue veins on the fingers reflect that the micro circulation of blood vessel on the head is poor. People with such manifestation are likely to have such symptoms as dizziness, headache, cardiac insufficiency, etc.
Blue veins on the cheek. The reflecting area on the cheek reflects the functions of different viscera. In case blue veins bulges and gets deformed around the temples, people may have a headache accompanied with the risk of arteriosclerosis. In case blue veins appear around mouth corner and the cheek, it suggests symptoms of gynecopathy such as severe dampness in white vaginal discharge, etc. In case blue veins appear in the bridge of the nose, it suggests stagnation in stomach and intestines and indigestion. People with such manifestation are likely to have stomachache and abdomen distension.
Blue veins in the chest and abdomen. In case of blue veins in the chest, especially around the breast, people are advised to attach more attention to prevent cyclomastopathy and mastadenitis. Blue veins in the abdomen, commonly known as “blue vein creeps over the belly”, which suggests comparably severe stagnation and diseases that are usually difficult to treat, for instance : hepatic cirrhosis and abdominal dropsy, etc.
Blue veins occurring in any part of human body not only impairs the appearance but also suggests stasis of metabolites in human body. Thus, people shall keep a good health-preserving habit and pay more attention to changes in their own bodies in daily life.
Why Is Practicing Sinews Also Called “Changing Sinews”
In ancient times, people also call practicing sinews “changing sinews”. The original meaning of “Yi” refers to lizard, which is commonly known as chameleon. The character “Yi” in oracle bone scrip