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Quiet Is More than Words(Ⅰ)

The practice of Health Qigong is inseparable from the quiet, and the “three regulations” also need the quiet. People can talk about the quiet freely in the non-practicing status, but all language activities will disappear or fade when entering into the meditation state. At this point, practitioners will feel pleasant and wonderful, caused by the integration of the body, mind and breathing, which is the meaning of “Quiet Is More than Words” talking about in this article.

First of all, the “quiet”, which usually talked about, is the review of the pleasant experience in the meditation after the practice. As we all know, the meditation state of the practice is beyond description, which is a character of quiet. The quiet described in the words is not the original ecology. In terms of general practitioners, the cognition of quiet is mostly from the oral transmission of teacher before participating in the practice and the cognition of quiet also needs to be found with the guide of the predecessors after participating in the practice. While entering into the meditation state, the cognition of quiet is beyond description, or the mentality in the meditation state has disappeared without a trace before opening the mouth. Thus, the quiet expressed by language has been away from its nature and converted to the quiet in the language environment, which can be expressed as fleeting or brief stopover or enduring caused by penetrating into all aspects of daily life. Therefore, practitioners still miss the wonderful quiet after leaving the meditation state. So they try to find some words to praise that kind of quiet. For example, quiet is a basic condition of Health Qigong, quiet is an essential kind of temperament of practitioners, and quiet is an accomplishment of practitioners. All these are the reviews and aftertastes of the meditation state. That is true. Quiet is the key factor to observe all things, so as to practice in high spirits. Most people cannot feel the taste of quiet, because of being capricious and busy. Unquiet mind leads to ineffective ideal condition. The so-called meditation refers to the quiet mind rather than the quiet physical condition, and the physical condition is never quiet. In this sense, the integration of three regulations in the practice of Health Qigong is to pursue the quiet of the body, mind and breathing, achieving the state of quiet and emptiness and observing all things with that kind of mentality. Then all things will exhibit the natural charm, and the exercisers can focus on the most subtle place, or even the infinity vast universe, caring deeply about all tings. As Su Shi said, “To make wonderful poem, poet must keep quiet and empty, so as to take in all things”, which is a kind of pleasant experience of meditation.

Secondly, the survival conditions for human language have gone in the meditation state, which is the essence of “Quiet Is More than Words”. Language is a tool for thinking and communication, closely linking with thinking, which is the carrier of thinking, substances housing and pattern of manifestation. Language is a symbolic system, which is a system combining with voice, semantic, vocabulary and grammar organization law.

On the one hand, after entering the language system, people have to express their mind through speaking or writing. Precisely at this link, "talking and writing” are contrary to “forgetting everything” required by the meditation. In that case, exercisers must only choose one of the two. So, to choose meditation, the language must be given up. The pattern of “Quiet Is More than Words” is formed. The Chinese character “Jing ( Quiet)” is composed by two characters, namely “Qing (blue)” and “Zheng (scramble)”. How to scramble the blue? Raise head to see the blue sky, which is the original quiet. How wonderful it is! On the other hand, from the beginning, conversion and implementation stage of meditation and formation of language, we can find that the formation of language is completely opposite to the direction of meditation. In the initial stage, language is used to express thoughts according to the purposes, while the meditation is to eliminate distractions. In the conversion stage, convert the thoughts into the form of language conform to the syntactic rules, while the meditation is to achieve the state of the integration of three regulations. In the implementation stage, the language is used to speak or write the contents in their own forms, while the meditation is to be tranquil and nothingness. In short, there are insurmountable barrier between the meditation and language, the mutual exclusiveness makes the view of “Quiet Is More than Words” sensible, reasonable and logical. Of course, exercisers may not be able to enter the meditation state without words, which is not in the scope of this paper.

(By Lu Shirong)

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