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The meaning of "lifting anus" and “loosing anus " in Health Qigong

There are two patterns of pedal waterwheel in the below of the Picture of Inner Scripture, in which a virgin boy and a virgin girl step on the waterwheel with feet respectively. It is strange that the wheels of the waterwheel do not contact the surface of the water, but painted on the rocks, and the river is below the rock. How can this kind of waterwheel work?

In fact, the metaphor of waterwheel is the perineum of the body. The perineum coordinates the breath to do the movements of lifting and loosing, which can engender more essense of human body. It is the biggest secrets of the Health Qigong and the health tips of some ancient health maintenance experts which never teach the strangers.

Ancient traditional health maintenance experts use the argot "Xuwei" to adress here. Even have a search of all ancient medical books, the "Xuwei" point will not be found in the meridians  of human body. The so-called "Xuwei" point is the Huiyin point in the science of acupuncture and meridians. It is the starting point of the channel qi of Ren channel, Du channel and Chong channel, so the moving of this point leads to the opening of all channels. It is the confidential place for the longevity of people, and the secret that passing on for thousands of years.

The Ren channel, Du channel and Chong channel all start from the Huiyin point, in which we are quite familiar with the Ren channel and Du channel. Then, what is the Chong channel? The Chong channel is also called Xing channel. “With sufficient Qi and blood in Taichong channel, girls have a period on time, and then have the ability to have children.” It means that the normal menstrual age of woman should be 14 years old, but the normal menses is related to the prosperity and decline of the blood and Qi of the two meridians, in which the one is Ren channel and the other is Chong channel. The Chong channel flows out of the perineum, accompanied with the Ren channel, and flows upward along the body, "dispersing in the chest”. It explains that they scatter in the chest, so the breast of woman grow up. A lot of modern women want to do the breast implant to make their breasts bigger. In fact, the size of breasts are the most closely related to the Chong channel. Because the Chong channel disperses in the chest, and closely related to the women's physiology. The Qi of Chong channel of women is used for cultivating breasts. The Qi of Chong channel of men flows upward, "circling along the lips”, flowing along the lips and then upward, so the beard is related with Chong channel. If the Qi of Chong channel of women is not normal, it will cause small breasts and long beard. In order to the healthy development of breasts and beard, it is necessary to regulate the Qi of Chong channel, then the breasts and beard will be able to develop without risk. The best method is practicing the "lifting anus" and “loosing anus " in Health Qigong.

Why comparing the virgin boy, virgin girl and waterwheel to the perineum in the Picture of Inner Scripture? As the Ren channel represents yin, and Du channel represents yang, the female represents yin, and male represents yang. The Huiyin point is the first acupuncture point in the beginning of Ren channel and Du channel, so it is with the metaphor of virgins. The perineum can lead the yang channels and yin channels of the whole body through the Ren channel and Du channel, so it is the most critical part in health maintainence here. With the lifting, lowering and beating of Huiyin point, the idea leads the essence along the spine and Du channel, and from the coccyx to the brain, then desend to abdomen following the Ren channel, forming a small circlation. So we often say, "lifting anus when inhaling and loosing anus when exhaling", and “thinking about the vital gate while inhaling, and thinking about the pubic regionwhile exhaling."etc.

 Understanding the effects of the perineum on the circulation of essence in Ren channel and Du channel equals to understand the reason of the metaphor in the Picture of Inner Scripture.   The perineum is the waterwheel. The deep understanding of the role of the perineum can lead to the right path of the practice of Health Qigong.

Yang-qi of people who do not practice Health Qigong often burst through Huiyin point, and divides into three parts and flows to Ren channel, Du channel and Chong channel, which can not  return the origination, and therefore they can not achieve longevity. Because as long as the Huiyin point is open, the curculation of body move, so the exercisers must make the Huiyin point closed to return the scattered Qi back to the origination, so as to reduce the consumption and strethghen the body.

The ancients had a very traditional and insurance health approach, called "rejuvenation". Whether you are standing, or sitting, or even lying down, as long as you have the awareness to do this action of the lifting anus, that is pulling and closing Huiyin point. If we practice rejuvenation for a long term, we will be able to maintain a young state, which is not only a psychological young, more important physiological young. As long as exercising the Huiyin point a hundred times daily, you will certainly find different feelings. From the view of health maintainence, "The tenmon of should normally open and the lower place should be normally closed.” The health maintenance experts said that the Baihui is the tenmon, and perineum is the the lower place. The heaven is active and the earth is still. So the tenmon of should normally open and the lower place should be normally closed. Huiyin point is closed and the Baihui point is open while lifting the anus, while lifting the anus, so the "rejuvenation" appears to be extremely simple, but it is the fundamental law of body building which making the Ren channel and Du channel circulate the whole body (It is what we called the small circlation). So someone calls the Health Qigong as "keeping young exercise”. At least it can be said that practicing the Health Qigong can delay your psychological and physiological senium, and the aging of the body, including the face.

Why the ancient health maintenance experts keep this secrets? Massage or concentrating on the perineum can make the kidney and reproductive system immediately turn weakness to strongness. However, the health maintenance experts never advocate such a useful human acupuncture points, and even some old books intimidate "people who let out the secret wii have retribution” to prevent the publicity of this point. It is mainly because that Huiyin point is conductive to yang, and conserve strength and store up energy, but this feature also facilitate the lust. Ordinary people often take exhausting the essense as joy. If people are absorbed in sexual intercourse as the enhancement of kidney and reproductive system, it will lose the effect of keeping healthy, and it will lead to premature death.

(By Ou Liangshu)

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