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Analysis on the Learning and Practice of Health Qigong•Tai Chi Yang Sheng Zhang through the Routine Boat Rows Slowly (Qing Zhou Huan Xing)(Ⅱ)

Second, the cooperation of the movements and breathing

Beginners commonly use the natural breathing methods. After reaching the coordination and coherence of the body and stick, the exercisers can practice coordinating with the breathing. The reverse abdominal breathing is used in the cooperation of the movements and breathing. Inhale while the left foot step forward, exhale while the movements of rowing the boat, inhale while transferring the center of body weight backward, exhale while the movements of rowing the boat, inhale while transferring the center of body weight forward and exhale while the movements of rowing the boat and standing with feet together. The breathing should follow the law of rise-inhaling and fall-exhaling, requiring "slow motion with long breathing". It is because that the soft and slow actions are the key to achieve the movements and breathing mutually followed. Conversely, only with the thin, uniform, soft and deep abdominal breathing, can the movements and breathing be mutually followed, integrating the spirit and qi. To achieve the movements and breathing mutually followed and the fluency and smooth high standards, the exercisers must go through a long-term practice. After reaching the coordination of the body and breathing, the exercisers should gradually add the training of mind. It is very simple for the beginners to control the ideas and put aside the distractions, so as to focus attention on the practice. After a long term practice, the movements are soft, flexible and coherent; the breathing is soft, thin and long; the mind is peaceful and stable, the internal qi is calm and smooth, the exercisers will unconsciously enter into the harmonious state of the balance of yin and yang and the integration of body, qi and spirit.

In the practice of Health Qigong, we cannot be complacent with proficient movements, more importantly the exercisers can realize the connotation in the practice, namely use the stick to guide the circulation of qi, integrate qi, mind and stick, as well as achieve the coordination of the body, qi and spirit. Besides, they also should understand the changing law of yin and yang of the body, master the biochemical mechanism of the nutrient qi and defensive qi, comprehend the compatibility of the world, namely the unity of heaven and man and the harmonious coexistence of man, society and nature, so as to achieve the physical and mental health.

Third, the cooperation of the movements and artistic conception

In the routine Boat Rows Slowly (Qing Zhou Huan Xing), when rowing the boat left and right, take the waist as the axis and the force is transferred downward slowly through the stick, and there is another easy feeling in the mind, which is like that the body turns into a canoe slowly moving on the calm lakes. In the practice, the body movements alternating kindness with severity gently and smoothly coordinate with the internal qi, which not only embodies the static beauty of quietness and nothingness, and also reveal the flexible and coherent dynamic beauty, naturally showing the extraordinary refined and elegant charm. It is the joy coming from the depths of the soul, which inadvertently soaks on the face of exercisers and distribute in the movements integrating the body and stick. The exercisers are happy and contented with quiet and peaceful expression, which is the silent and empty, clear and enlightened, profound and pure realm.

For the exercisers, it is particularly important to cultivate morality. It said in the Biography of Lao Zi that "cultivating morality can prolong life". To prolong life and nourish spirit by cultivating morality, the exercisers should keep concentration and not be attracted by distractions, so that the mind is peaceful and adapting oneself to changing circumstances. Free from the distractions to keep mind clear and refreshing, so that qi and blood are sufficient and smooth naturally, and the limb joints are strong and flexible.

Then, how to accomplish that not to be attracted?

Zuo Wang Lu written by Sima Chengzhen said, "At the beginning of learning the Taoism, the exercisers should sit quietly, keep mind concentration and free from the external circumstances, so as to enter into the state of nothingness, then the heart conforms to the Taoism". Only remove the distractions and do not cling to the materials, can the exercisers get the pure and quiet mind. The beginners in the initial stage of practice are usually greedy and restless with distracting thoughts and messy mind. The trick to keep mind concentration is that relax the body, regulate the breathing, pay attention to the coordination of the movements and breathing, in order to achieve the mind concentration. If the mind is scattered again, do the former actions again and free from the distractions, as well as rest the cerebral cortex. Over time, the mind get pure and clear, the inherent innate vitality of human body is increasingly enriched; the body and mind are naturally relaxed and healthy.

Dao Shu said, "Learning the Taoism takes the principle of pureness and bases on the vipassana meditation, so that the innate vital essence is naturally developed in the relaxed practice state and free from the distractions. “After reaching a certain stage, the exercisers can not only keep mind concentration in the practice, but also be able to think rationally and deal with things clearly and sensibly without the confusion of the external things in daily life. Free from things quickly after things, be unburdened from the material desires and remain indifferent whether granted favors or subjected to humiliation.

(By Liu Yuxing)

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