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Full Guidance of My Breathing Rhythm in Practicing Liu Zi Jue(Ⅰ)

Among nine popular methods, Liu Zi Jue is the only one that focuses on breathing, and it is particularly important to learn to regulate breathing. Firstly you should grasp the correct breathing method and learn counter abdominal respiration, always focus on the pubic region with each breath at the navel. Secondly you should induce and conduct Qi in harmony with instruction, and get the rhythm of consistency between movements and breathe.

In practicing, consistency between movement and breath involves regulation and coordination of three rhythms, namely, the rhythm of movement, breathing and background music. As the rising and falling, stretching and withdrawing of movement, inhaling and exhaling of breathe, as well as powerfulness and weakness in music are all even number combination, they follow the same law and can be coordinated, thus in general condition, full synchronization can be realized among the three, namely, the rising and falling of one movement, one round of breathing, and one eight-beat syllable. However, we need to make subjective regulation in order to keep the same rhythm among three aspects, including the different round distances of different movements, different speeds for different movements, as well as inconsistent depth, speed and duration of breath due to complexity of movement. You can realize synchronization among the three by following the principle to inhale to rise, exhale to drop, inhale to stretch, exhale to withdraw, inhale to tighten, exhale to slacken, and after adjusting the speed and pause of movement as well as regulating the length, breath holding and air stopping in breath. The full guidance of my breathing rhythm in practicing Liu Zi Jue is as follows:

Starting Position: Inhale to lift foot and step forward, exhale to hold foot and stand still; inhale to uphold hands, exhale to reverse palms downward; inhale to bend knees and pull palms apart, exhale to reverse palms and withdraw; and regulate breath once with palms on navel.

Xu Exercise: Inhale to put hands apart, exhale to rest hands at waist; inhale to turn around for 45 degree, exhale to turn around for 90 degree and reach out with shoo word; inhale to drop hands and turn around for 45 degree, exhale to withdraw hands and turn back. Repeat movement of turning around for 45 degree with the same breathing rhythm.

He Exercise: Inhale to stretch knees and raise elbows, exhale to bend knees and thrust palms; inhale to withdraw hands, exhale to look at palms; inhale to stand up and hold hands, exhale to turn palms over to the bosom; inhale to hold elbow and wrist evenly, exhale to stretch knees and thrust palms (he sound); inhale to bend knees and pull palms, exhale to overturn hands and uphold palms. Repeat movement of standing up and upholding hands with the same breathing rhythm.

(By Gong Lihui)

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