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Notice on the Evaluation of IHQF Star Members

Member organizations: 

In order to adapt to the development of the cause of international Health Qigong, improve the management and service level of IHQF, guide and assist the sustainable development of member organizations, and encourage members to promote and actively participate in our business activities, the Executive Board of IHQF reviewed and approved the “Regulations for the Evaluation of IHQF Star Members (Draft)”, and implemented the first evaluation of IHQF Star Members in 2019, in which 52 star member organizations were approved. In the same year, the 5th meeting of the 2nd Executive Board approved a clause in the requirement for Executive Board Candidates that "Candidates for Executive Board membership must be from member organizations with a four-star or above rating and with timely payment of membership due." In order to do a good job in the election of the IHQF General Assemble in 2021, and let qualified members enjoy the corresponding treatment in the "Incentive measures for Star Member Organizations", the Secretariat plans to organize the second Evaluation of IHQF Star Members in early 2021. Member organizations that have not previously participated in the first evaluation or intend to apply for promoting the star grade are requested to submit the evaluation materials to IHQF Secretariat before February 20, 2021 in accordance with the “Regulations for the Evaluation of IHQF Star Members (Draft)”. The evaluation materials will be reported to the Executive Board for final Star Evaluation. The results of the evaluation will be published on IHQF official website by the end of March.

IHQF Secretariat

Annex: Regulations for the Evaluation of IHQF Star Members, etc

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