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Notice on the Election for Executive Board on the 3rd IHQF General Assembly

Dear IHQF Members,

Due to the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the 3rd General Assembly of IHQF originally scheduled in August 2020 was postponed. After deliberation, the Executive Board decided to hold the meeting in August this year. The specific date and form of the meeting are to be determined. The election of a new Executive Board will be the important item on the agenda of 3rd General Assembly. In order to do this well, we hereby issue the election notice and start the application for candidates of a new Executive Board. According to the IHQF Statute, the IHQF Executive Board is the executing organ of the General Assembly and shall be accountable to the General Assembly. It shall lead IHQF in performing its day-to-day tasks when the General Assembly is not in session. Therefore, Being an Executive Board member also means shouldering the important tasks of deciding the major issues of IHQF and promoting the development of the international Health Qigong cause. Please actively recommend suitable candidate to participate in the election. Qualified candidates shall fill in the self-recommendation form and submit relevant materials to the Secretariat according to the IHQF Election Guidelines. The deadline for registration is May 20, 2021.


IHQF Secretariat

Annex: IHQF Election Guidelines

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