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Notice on Strengthening the Report of Member Organizations

Notice on Strengthening the Report of Member Organizations


Dear all IHQF member organizations,

The IHQF official website has been revised. In order to better demonstrate the glimpses of our members, in the new version the following pages are added:


1. “Membership” section is set up in the first directory of the main menu.


Under that, there are two secondary directories, "Membership list" and "Our members".

1.1 The "Membership list" lists the basic information of the current 87 member organizations, including the name of the organization, the approval date, the person in charge and the position, the e-mail.



1.2 "Our members" is to report the Health Qigong activities of all member organizations, which is a platform to show our members. The reports and news with words and pictures are needed to be provided by each organization actively (the best in both English and Chinese, that is the fastest way to upload, otherwise in Chinese or in English). After the review by IHQF, the report will be uploaded in time. If necessary, the corresponding translation will be arranged. Please send the reports to an email: information@ihqfo.org.


2. “Our Members” section is in the main page.

It means the news of the member organizations can be seen in the Main page of IHQF official website.



3. “Member Organization” section, which links to the official websites of the Member organizations, is in the main page.

As long as your organization has your own official website, provide the address to us, we will set up your association's official website link according to different continents. In this way, the user can directly find you from the IHQF official website. Now all the website links provided before by our members have been put up.


In addition, the other sections in the IHQF official website, such as "Experiences Exchange", "Theory & Efficacy", "Scientific Research", "Marketing", etc. are also welcome our members to provide information, introduce Health Qigong stories, and exchange of experiences.


To this end, please arrange a person as a communication liaison for your organization, who can report your organization's activities and news to IHQF in time. Let’s work together to build a positive and colorful platform for World Health Qigong. Please send the information (name, gender, contact information, etc.) of the liaison to IHQF Head Office (headoffice@ihqfo.org) before March 25.


IHQF Head Office

2017.3. 8

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