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Notice on The Third Health Qigong Training Seminar for Key Instructors in Asia


The Third Health Qigong Training Seminar for Key Instructors in Asia



1.      Date

20th – 25th May, 2017


2.      Venue


-          Kampong Ubi Community Club

-          Toa Payoh Central Community Club


3.      Organizing Unit

-          International Health Qigong Federation

-          China Health Qigong Association


4.      Hosting Unit

Qigong Shi Ba Shi Association (Singapore)


5.      Seminar Contents

a.      Training in Health Qigong•DaoYinYangShengGong ShiErFa

b.      Training in Health Qigong•DaWu

c.       Training in Health Qigong Theory

d.      International Health Qigong Technical Degree (Duan 1-5) Examination (optional)


6.      Participation Requisite

a.      Except for the hosting unit (Singapore Qigong Shi Ba Shi Association), each participating organization may only nominate up to 5 Key Instructors whose qualifications would be assessed before acceptance to the Training Seminar.

b.      Participants must have already mastered the movements of Health Qigong• DaoYinYangShengGong ShiErFa and Health Qigong•DaWu.


7.      Fees

a.      Hotel and Meals: at one’s own expense (use attachment 3 for hotel booking)

b.      Seminar Fee: US$150 per person (inclusive of training materials, CD and DVD)

c.       Duan Examination Fee: in accordance to International Duan Examination regulations


8.      Registration

a.      Each organization is to first confirm your number of participants; then email or fax your nominations to Singapore Qigong Shi Ba Shi Association and China Health Qigong Association.

b.      Use the Registration Form (attachment 1). Closing date is 31st March 2017.



9.      Other Matters

a.      Each participant is responsible for his/her own personal safety and insurance matters. Any mishap during the seminar period like falling ill, loss or damages will be the responsibility of each individual.

b.      Upon arrival, participants are to hand in the Responsibility Declaration Form (attachment 2).

c.      Duan examination details will be advised separately.


10.  Contacts

a.      Singapore Qigong Shi Ba Shi Association

Contact:    Alice Ho Soon Kim

Phone:       +65 9672-0381

Email:        qigong18sg@gmail.com


b.      China Health Qigong Association

Contact:    Zhang Deming

Phone:       +86-10-67052078

Fax:            +86-10-67052078

Email:        intelhqf@126.com


11.  Forms Attached

1.      Registration Form

2.      Responsibility Declaration Form

3.      Hotel Booking Form download/uploadfile/file/20170314/20170314144000_11109.xlsx

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