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Sino-France Health Qigong Culture Week

On July 28, 2018, the "Sino-France Health Qigong Culture Week", organized by Les temps du Corps, opened at 9:00am in Jiuhua Mountain, Anhui province, China.

The highlight of the event was the paper reports on the theme of “Qi and Life Consciousness”, which was launched after the opening ceremony. Eight outstanding graduates from Qigong Zen School of Les temps du Corps (three-year school) Shared their graduation thesis. Combined with their understanding of Chinese culture, they presented a multi-angle and profound understanding of the theme of "Qi and Life Consciousness".The members of the expert group gave careful, highly accurate and unique comments on each student's report.

At the same time, the founder of Les temps du Corps, Dr. KE Wen, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Qi, Consciousness and Life", which profoundly interpreted the form and direction of the international development of Health Qigong from the connection of "Qi" ideology and life.

(Provided by Les temps du Corps 

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