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Establishment of the 1st Telent Training Base of IHQF

The 1st Telent Training Base of IHQF was established in Baoding University in Hebei province, China on Dec 11th, 2017.

Mr. YANG Chunbo,President of IHQF, Mr. CHANG Jianping,Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of IHQF,  Mr. WANG Jun and Mr. HU Lianli, the persons in charge of Baoding University,  attended this event. Mr. YANG chunbo and Mr. HU Lianli signed the cooperation protocol between IHQF and Baoding University.

Baoding University is a full-time university approved by the Ministry of Education of China. Mr. CHANG Jianping acknowledged the achievements of Baoding University on the achievements of telents training, professional development of Health Qigong and physical education. He hoped that Baoding University would take advantage of the establishment of this Training Base, enhance the professional telents training and promote the discipline construction of Health Qigong. Mr. YANG Chunbo emphasized the significant effect of Health Qigong on the well-being for all and clarified that the IHQF would support the establishment and development of the Training Base and make more contribution to the training of professional telents of Health Qigong together with Baoding University.

Mr. WANG Jun pointed out that the establishment of the 1st Telent Training Base of IHQF started a new era of cooperation between IHQF and Baoding University, which built up a new flatform on cooperative education and would promote Baoding University to make more breakthroughs on professional development, curriculum setting and foreign exchange, etc.

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