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National Health Qigong Management Conference of China Held Successfully


         The National Health Qigong Management Conference of China was held successfully in Nanning, Guangxi province, China on Mar. 7th, 2018. Officers of General Administration of Sports of China attended the conference.

       The director of Health Qigong Management Center of General Administration of Sports of China, Mr. Chang Jianping gave a Health Qigong work report in the conference. He briefly reviewed the breakthroughs and highlights in 2017 and focused on deploying the new tasks and plans in 2018.

Mr. Chang Jianping pointed out the breakthroughs in 2017: Set up the first Health Qigong festival - World Health Qigong Day(WHQD) and held 1st WHQD successfully on Aug. 13th, 2017, which was well received all around the world; Launched the new Health Qigong form Mingmu Exercise, which has completed the pilot and been on the process of implementation and spreading; Health Qigong-Qi Dance first shown in the National Games of China and well received. Meanwhile, Since the General Administration of Sports of China published the Health Qigong Development Programme (2013-2018) in 2013, during nearly five years, the Health Qigong instructors has increased from 21,846 to 249,373 and the Health Qigong training sites has increased from 15,469 to 32,632. The domestic practitioners have reached 3,890,000 from 1,500,000 while the oversees have reached 2,000,000 from 1,000,000, covering 50 countries and regions from 31. Moreover, the Health Qigong Forms has increased from 9 to 15, all these achievements has made a leap-forward development on Health Qigong.

 For the tasks and plans in 2018, Mr. Chang Jianping proposed to advance the high- quality, stable and sustainable development of Health Qigong and contribute more to maintain stability, develop culture and spread health worldwide.

In the conference, the Health Qigong Management Center has presented the awards to the units who did good demonstration and organization in the national Health Qigong activity named Health Qigong in Hundreds of Cities and Countries in China. Meanwhile, the Honorary Health Qigong High Duan Awarding Ceremony was also held.

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