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Health Qigong Charms Hamburg

On May 16th of 2017, nearly a thousand people flocked to the Chinese Consulate General in Hamburg, attracted by the Open Day activities organized by the Consulate General of China. The whole place was filled with joy and the atmosphere of festivity.

The Elbe Health-Qigong e.V. was invited to promote Health Qigong in the Consulate General. Under the leadership of Yujiao FEI, the president of Elbe Health-Qigong e.V., members of the organization gave wonderful performances for the visiting guests. Congbin SUN, the Consul General of China in Hamburg, and German official Schmidt dotted the eyes of the ‘dancing lions’ played by members of Elbe Health-Qigong e.V. with Chinese writing brushes, marking the starting of the Open Day activities.

Congbin SUN and Schmidt noted that, this year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Germany, and the G20 summit will be held in Hamburg in July. They hope the excellent Chinese traditional cultures can be promoted vigorously, attracting more and more people to learn Health Qigong.

           The content of this report is provided by Yujiao FEI, the president of Elbe Health-Qigong e.V.

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