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P&A Committee Member of IHQF Awarded by Argentina

    Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. On May 16th of 2017, Mr. CHUNG Ching, President of the Health Qigong Association in Argentina and a member of Policy and Advisory Committee of IHQF, was presented the Honorary Award for Promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine. This event was also one of the activities celebrating the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Argentina. 

    Mr. CHUNG Ching came to Argentina in 1987. Since then, he opened TCM clinics and TCM schools. In 1999, with the approval by Argentinean government, Mr. CHUNG Ching established the China TCM Institute of Argentina. In 2012, he founded the Health Qigong Association in Argentina which later became a member organization of IHQF. During the past five years, more than 5000 Health Qigong practitioners from various South American countries, including Argentina and Chile, were trained by Health Qigong Association in Argentina.

               (The content of this report is provided by Mr. Ting Wen CHUNG and Kairo of Health Qigong Association in Argentina)