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Gabriel International

Basic Information

Name of the Organization: Gabriel International

City and Country: Düsseldorf, Germany

Approved by: GeWA 1 Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf

Date of Establishment: Jul. 1, 2013

Date of Joining IHQF: Feb. 2016

Leader: Gabriela Mai

Email Address: gm@gabriel-international.com

Phone Number: +4921141658481

Postal Address: Gabriel International-Fürstenwall 194 – 40215 Düsseldorf Germany

Business: Health Qigong, other

Students: 37 registered students,40 temporary Students

Introduction of the Member Organization

1. History

Gabriel International was registered in July 2013. The field of activity of the company includes: Health Qi Gong, Nutrition, Relaxation Techniques, Stress management.

2. Leader of the Organization

Qi Gong: Gabriela Mai

2008 student of Jean - Claude Mai Yung Sen (Pause Qi Gong)

2010 Assistant of Jean - Claude Mai Yung Sen (Pause Qi Gong)

2011 Diploma Qi Gong Teacher

2011 Teaching Qi Gong in companies and public Organisations

2013 Training 2nd Health Qi Gong Seminar in Porto

2013 First Duan / Ba Duan Jin

2013 Training with Prof. Hu Xiaofei / Wu Qin Xi

2014 Training 1st national Training in France Rouen

2014 2nd Duan / Shi Er Duan Jin

2015 professional Instructor Training Daoyin Qi Gong at ASBL Life Care Center /


2017 EU Training Project for Senior Instructors in Berlin

2017 3rd Duan / Tai Ji Yang Sheng Zhang


1984-1988 University L’EFAP / Master of Communication Paris / France

1999 IELTS, English Proficiency Sydney / Australia

2010 Awela Academy Düsseldorf / Germany

Dipl. Graduate degree for General Health, Nutritionist, Reduction of Distress and Stress Relaxation, Self Awareness and Self-Esteem , PMR )Progressive Muscle Relaxation ,Jacobson), Auto Suggestion Trainer

2011 Dehag Academy / Germany Dipl. Graduate degree in Sport

3. Members of the Organization

Assistant loqistics:

Jean-Rémi Mai Yung Sen

Stress management :

Marille Caspellherr

4.Daily Teaching and Learning Activities


Monday 4 classes

Tuesday 2 classes

Wednesday 2 classes

Thursday 4 classes

Friday 1 class

Saturday 1 class

Engagement for Social Project

Wednesday 1 class

Thursday 1 class

Classes March 2018 organized with the DCC Center German China Center

Tuesday 2 classes with Mrs. Gu Jailing/ Jiangsu -Yangzhou national team

Professional Training for Instructors Daoyin Qi Gong at ASBL Life Care Center in Brussels.

5. Health Qigong-Related Events Organized or Participated in

2013 - 2nd Health Qi Gong Seminar for European Instructors - in Porto - Portugal

2014 - Training 1st national Training for instructors in Rouen - France

31.10 – 04.11.2016 - Health Qi Gong in Düsseldorf - 3 days Training and Symposium visit from Delegation of 5 persons incl. Mr. Chang Jiangping

13.08.2017 - Organization of the World Qi Gong Day in the Park

16.09.2017 - Organisation of the China Festival in Düsseldorf (see attached flyer)

With Exhibition tent – Seminars for beginners Qi Gong

Demonstration of Health Qi Gong

on stage with my students and the National Team of Jiangsu- Yangzhou

6. Logo

International Health Qigong Federation: All rights Record:京ICP备15050301号 京公网安备 11010102002746号