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Incentive Measures for Star Member Organizations (Draft)

The evaluation of star member organizations of IHQF shall be conducted according to The Evaluation Methods of Star Member Organizations of IHQF. The star qualification of member organizations mainly reflects their level or ability in terms of strength and activity. The membership level is divided into Star (five-star, four-star and three-star) Members and Ordinary Members. Star member organizations, according to their star rating, enjoy the preferential policies and rights granted by IHQF including but not limited to the following:

1. Special plaques and certificates

IHQF customizes and issues corresponding plaques and certificates to the member organizations who have obtained star rating (five-star, four-star and three-star).

2.Free training places

All levels of member organizations can obtain free places to attend the biennial IHQF Leadership Workshop (including free training, accommodation and local transportation) as follows:

Five-star: 4 persons free;

Four-star: 3 persons free;

Three-star: 2 persons free

Ordinary: 1 person free

3. The right to bid for major events and priority

(1) IHQF gives priority to recommend or select five-star and four-star member organizations to undertake major official events, such as the World Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange & Scientific Symposium, Intercontinental Health Qigong Games, etc. Three-star and ordinary members are not recommended

(2) Only Five-star member organizations have the qualification to cooperate in the construction of IHQF academy.

4. Preferential rights to IHQF products

The member organizations at different levels enjoy different discounts on IHQF licensed products.

5. Publicity

The evaluation results of all levels of member organizations are published on the official website of IHQF, and those who have obtained star rating are commended.

A five-star zone will be set up on the official website of IHQF to promote the five-star member organizations.

6. Others

Any policies or measures beneficial to encourage the development of member organizations will be introduced in succession with the further development of IHQF.

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