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Improve Exercise Effects by Grasping Main Ideas of Health Qigong Theory(II)
As a simple theory of unity of opposites in ancient China, the Yin (negative) and Yang (positive) theory belongs to the materialism and dialectics categories in ancient China. The original connotations of Yin and Yang theory is simple, which originally referred to towards and opposite to sun and thereby got their names Yang and Yin separately. Then, the concepts are expounded as climatic warmth and coldness, position such as above and below, left and right, inside and outside as well as motion status like restless and tranquil, etc. Chinese philosophizers in ancient time realized that all phenomena in nature held a mutually opposite and functionary relationship. So, they explained the substance situation of the two kinds of mutually opposite and mutual growth and deduction with the concept of Yin and Yang theory and further thought that world is a unity of substance and the world itself was the result of the unity of opposite by Yin and Yang.
Improve Exercise Effects by Grasping Main Ideas of Health Qigong Theory(I)
Holistic approach is a view for the unity and integrity of things derived from the ancient philosophical thinking of China. It’s an overall acknowledge for the biological phenomenon of human as well as the things concerned and carries out its analysis and cognition by uniting “Heaven, Earth and People.”
How do I train Ba Duan Jin with "Formula"
Ready Position: Keep spine in neutral and stand with feet together, drop arms and look forward. Move center of gravity to right leg; lift left foot heel and then tiptoe. Fall left foot tiptoe to the ground firstly, stand with feet at the shoulder breadth. Swing palms laterally and rotate arms inward, bend knees for outward turning and hold them before belly.
Giving good teaching lessons according to the characteristics of the overseas Health Qigong Promotion(II)
The greatest difficulty in the overseas teaching is the difference in cultural background, humanistic idea, thinking mode between the teachers and students, which made it very difficult for the foreign students to understand the connotation and essentials of Health Qigong.
Giving good teaching lessons according to the characteristics of the overseas Health Qigong Promotion(I)
he teaching in the overseas promotion activities of Health Qigong has a lot of distinctive characteristics and demands in comparison with the Health Qigong teaching in domestic colleges and universities and the teaching in Health Qigong backbone training.
Health Qigong•Liu Zi Jue Formulas(Ⅳ)
Relax wrist and extend palms to point forward, hold level on the right and left to bend backward, draw a circle backward until the waist, press palm center close to rib eye gently.
Health Qigong•Liu Zi Jue Formulas(Ⅱ)
Hold highs high with palms upward and stay at waist, stand still and turn left (right), gently thrust the right (left) hand to the left (right), exhale with Xu word and keep eyes wide opened. Hold back palm to inhale and turn back, then turn over and thrust the palm.
Health Qigong•Liu Zi Jue Formulas(Ⅰ)
Liu Zi Jue was demonstrated by Tao Hongjing of Southern and Northern Dynasties and further developed and supplemented by a monk in Sui Dynasty named Jiao Zhi.
On Teaching Methods and Techniques of Health Qigong(Ⅱ)
Strength movements are techniques students eager to learn. So whether students can go on learning depends on one’s demonstrating strength movement order.
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