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The Learning and Practice of the XU Exercise
Health Qigong • Liu Zi Jue is the fitness method taking the expiration and inspiration as the main means, combining with the simple Tao Yin actions. Therefore, we should form such a concept that the expiration and inspiration is the key point, combining with the body movements in the practice process. In that practice, exercisers should pay attention to the process of respiratory medicines, but also pay attention to body movements and breathing each other.
Experience of Teaching “Hibiscus Rising out of Water”(2)
Teaching is divided into three steps: step one is action teaching, step two is breathing with action teaching, and step three is artistic conception with action teaching.
Formulas of Movement Gist of Health Qigong•Liu Zi Jue(2)
SI Exercise Uplift palms to Danzhong acupoint, erect palms naturally and stretch shoulders and chest, Hide head and shrink neck one after one, push arms, stretch necks and relax shoulders.
Formulas of Movement Gist of Health Qigong•Liu Zi Jue(1)
Move your feet to be parallel, stand upright and be relaxed, Tongue touches palate, slightly bend knees, erect spine, plumb arms and relax chest. Fingers to the palms and move to the chest, turn the palms downward to naval level, Circle inner and revolve forward to make a circle, then end at naval with a calm mind.
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